Thrash Metal


Noisem is a Death/Thrash metal band from Baltimore, MD.


Speedwolf is a thrash/speed metal band from Denver, Colorado.

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower are a British death metal band from Coventry, England. They formed in 1986 and released their first album with Vinyl Solution in 1988.  


Abigail is a black metal band from Tokyo, Japan.


Kommandant is a black/death/thrash metal band from Chicago, Illinois.


Midnight is a black/thrash metal band from Cleveland, Ohio.


Exodus is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980 in Richmond, California.


There is much to be said about Venom- including their recent line up changes and the story their last MDF performance, but most importantly, about their influence on music. Venoms first to albums, Welcome to Hell and Black Metal influenced metal so profoundly that ‘black metal’ became the name of an entire subgenre. When Venom formed in 1979 in England, their music was heavier, faster, less polished, and more evil than their contemporaries. Venom cite bands like Black Sabbath, KISS, Judas Priest, and the Sex Pistols as inspiration, all of this is evident in their music and aesthetic.


Inquisition formed in 1988 in Cali, Colombia as "Guillotine", but changed their name to Inquisition in 1989.  The group began as a thrash metal act, but as time went on, their sound evolved more towards traditional black metal.  In 1996, founding member Dagon moved to the United States, where he met drummer Incubus.  Since then, the two have remained at the core of Inquisition's trademark sound, which pulls influence from their early thrash roots and mixes them with the darker and more chaotic elements of black metal.

Aura Noir

Aura Noir is a black metal/thrash metal band from Oslo,[citation needed] Norway. Aura Noir is heavily influenced by early thrash bands such as Slayer, Sodom and Kreator, to the latter they have also dedicated some of their songs. The band's main lyrical themes focus on blasphemy, death, and aggression.


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