Thrash Metal


Pestilence is a death metal band from the Netherlands founded in 1986. They are known for incorporating jazz and fusion elements into their music. After disbanding in order to pursue other musical directions in 1994, Pestilence reunited in 2008.


D.R.I. (or Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) is a crossover thrash band frformed in 1982 in Houston, Texas.  Media has often called D.R.I. the major band of the "crossover" movement, a style that combined hardcore punk and heavy metal.  


Witchaven is a black/thrash metal band from San Bernandino, California.  They originally formed in 2005 as a band called Witching Hour.  Their sound is a cross of black metal and thrash metal with elements of crust punk.

Bad Acid Trip

Bad Acid Trip was formed in North Hollywood, California in 1989 during the beginnings of the West Coast power violence scene.  The band is recognizable as being one of the more coherent grindcore acts.  


Nocturnal is a German thrash metal band formed in 2000.  Their sound is heavily influenced by thrash greats, Destruction.


Nokturnel is an old school style death metal band originally formed in 1989 in Austin, Texas.  They were on hiatus during the mid-late 1990's before reforming in 2001.


Gravehill is a death metal metal band from Anaheim, California.  Their sound incorporates elements of thrash and black metal with old school death metal.

Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is a Phoenix, Arizona-based thrash metal band that formed in 1985.  They disbanded in 2000 but have since reuinted on the festival circuit across Europe and North America.

Vitamin X

Vitamin X or VX is a hardcore punk and thrashcore band from Amsterdam, Netherlands that was formed in 1997. They are considered one of the best and most influential hardcore punk bands.


Gehenna is a hardcore band from California formed in 1993.  Their music blends elements of death metal, black metal, thrash and punk.


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