Thrash Metal


Gnostic is a technical death metal band from Atlanta, Georgia.  Formed by Steve Flynn, ex-drummer of Atheist in 2005, after a long personal hiatus from playing music.  The group also has two other former members of Atheist in their lineup.  


Sigh is a Japanese extreme metal band from Tokyo, formed in 1989. They are credited as being one of the first Japanese black metal bands, when the majority of black metal in early 1990s came from Scandinavia. They gradually shifted from a more traditional black/thrash metal sound, to a more experimental, avant-garde style.

Destroyer 666

After his departure from Bestial Warlust, K.K. Warslut formed Destroyer 666 in 1994. Originally this was a one man project but grew to a full black/death/thrash assault soon after. Their celebrated album, Unchain the Wolves, debuted in 1997 and remains a defining record for bands seeking to blend black and thrash metal. Their newest album, Wildfire, dropped in February 2016.

This is D666’s second MDF appearance.

Lethal Aggression

Lethal Aggression is a crossover hardcore/thrash/punk band from Asbury Park, New Jersey.  The group formed in 1985, split in 1991, and reformed again in 2001.  Currently, the band only contains one original member.


Nekromantheon is a thrash metal band from Kolbotn, Norway that formed in 2005.   Nekromantheon or Nekromanteion literally means ''oracle of death'' or ''oracle of the dead'' in Greek and it was a temple of necromancy.

Swarm of the Lotus

Swarm of the Lotus is a sludge/thrash/hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland.  The group was active from 1998-2006, and again from 2009-2010.  During that time, Swarm of the Lotus released only 2 full length albums, both of which were very well received in the metal community.  In December 2010, they announced that the band is on indefinite hiatus.  


Ex-Dementia are a thrash/death metal band that formed in 2005 in New Jersey.  

Black Breath

Black Breath formed in 2005 in Bellingham, Washington, though the group eventually relocated to Seattle.  Their sound is heavily influenced by crossover thrash predecessors such as Entombed and Dismember.  After recording serveral demos and completing some underground tours, they finally released their first EP in 2008.  After appearing on the Maryland Deathfest line up twice in the past several years, they are returning to the west coast for California Deathfest in 2016.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse is a hardcore punk band, originally from Houston, Texas.  At the time, not many bands were playing fast hardcore in Texas and, like D.R.I. and M.D.C. before them, Verbal Abuse relocated to San Francisco in the end of 1981. Verbal Abuse are one of the classic examples of early American hardcore punk, and would later become known as one of the first crossover bands.  The group split up in 1995, but reunited again in 2005.


Deceased are a death/thrash metal band from Arlington.  The band formed in 1984 and has developed a cult following over their nearly 30 year history, releasing dozens of records and hundreds of live shows.  Deceased were the first band to sign with Relapse Records, though the band left the label in 2003.  


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