Thrash Metal

Bestial Evil

Bestial Evil is a death metal/thrash metal band from Baltimore, Maryland.


Merciless is an extreme metal band from Sweden.  They were one of the first underground death/thrash outfits to rise out of Sweden in the mid 80's.

Stormtroopers of Beer

Official S.O.D. cover band featuring Dan Lilker and Jocke and Adde from General Surgery.

Demolition Hammer

After a 22 year hiatus, Demolition Hammer have reunited. Demolition Hammer are a thrash band from the Bronx, NYC. Demolition Hammer play fast, aggressive songs that are complex and structured. It’s frantic-sounding, and more aggressive than many of their contemporaries but there’s clearly thought behind the chaos.  Arriving on the east coast thrash scene in 1986, Demolition Hammer have maintained a cult following that continues today. The band maintains three quarters of its original line up: bassist/vocalist Steve Reynolds and guitarists James Reilly and Derek Syke.


The legendary Testament (originally known as Legacy) are coming from the West Coast to destroy MDF for the first time. Testament formed in 1983 in California, alongside contemporaries Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, etc., with whom Testament shared members. Currently consisting of vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, bassist Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Gene Hoglan, Testament are considered one of the most popular thrash bands, selling 14 million albums worldwide.


Satan are a classic NWOBHM band from England. Born in 1979, they’ve operated under the names Pariah (after religious protestors burned Satan tour t-shirts in front of venues) and Blind Fury, and with multiple line ups but are best known as Satan, steered by Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins. On their debut album, Court in the Act, Satan broke the mold of NWOBHM by mixing in elements of nascent speed/thrash metal genres, making them groundbreaking in the 1980s.


Hirax are a thrash band from California. Directed by only original member, vocalist Katon de Pena, Hirax mix thrash, speed, NWOBHM, and crossover elements to create a sound that is different from their Bay Area contemporaries. Hirax were a part of the legendary Metal Blade Records Metal Maniacs compilation, along with bands like Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Metal Church, highlighting their spot at the forefront of metal.  Hirax split up in 1989 but reunited in 2000, when De Pena realized he wasn’t done creating. Pull out those chains and catch Hirax at their first MDF appearance. 


Coming all the way from the Land Down Under, Hellbringer are a three piece thrash machine. This trio is keeping the old school alive, blending elements of thrash and speed metal. Hellbringer are straight up vintage thrash, so dust off your high tops and get transported back to 1983 at Hellbringer’s first MDF appearance. 


Desaster was spawned in Germany in 1988 and named after the Destruction song ‘Total Desaster.’ Although the band has gone through several line up changes in their nearly thiry year history, founding member Infernal has been a constant. Inspired by contemporaries Venom, Hellhammer, and of course, Destruction, Desaster describe themselves as a “pure raw, honest, dirty thrash band,” although they are often considered black metal. Decide for yourself at their first MDF appearance.


Auroch is a thrash/death metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Auroch has been gaining recognition as one of Canada's more active prolific death metal bands since their release of "Taman Shud" in 2014. Their most recent release, 2016's "Mute Books" received high praise throughout the death metal community with it's relentless brutality and technical prowess.


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