THE Discharge!! Formed in 1977, Discharge’s seminal 1982 record See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing paved the way for thousands of bands that followed by influencing thrash, crust punk, and grind bands and creating the ‘d-beat’ genre. Original vocalist Cal Morris influenced James Hetfield!  This is the Discharge that influenced all your favorite bands- nothing more needs to be said. Show Discharge your gratitude at Soundstage (with 3 of 5 original members!) for their first MDF appearance.

Left for Dead

Left for Dead is a Toronto, Canada based hardcore band.  The group formed in 2004 and released several splits before parting ways.  As of 2013, Left for Dead have reuinted with most of their original members, and they are currently signed to Baltimore based A389 Records.  Left for Dead will be making their first Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.

Rotting Out

Lots of bands call Los Angeles their home, but few truly represent the city like ROTTING OUT. With members hailing from some of the more notorious parts of the storied streets everyone thinks of when they hear "LA," it's no wonder their music expresses that grit so rarely captured this perfectly. Raised on the sounds of local heroes Suicidal Tendencies and Pennywise, yet fully indebted to the thriving Southern California hardcore scene, ROTTING OUT have continually created some of the most energetic and captivating punk / hardcore being played today.

Extinction of Mankind

Extinction of Mankind (also referred to as EOM) is a British crust punk band.  Since their inception in 1992, EOM has recorded split albums and toured with some of the premier crust punk acts of the past two decades, including DOOM, Phobia, Misery, Skit Sytem, and Wolfbrigade.  Various obstacles have kept the group from extensive song writing or performing in the past several years, however in 2013 EOM announced that they were working on a new LP.  

Disciples of Christ

Disciples of Christ (D.O.C) are a punk/grindcore/powerviolence band from Washington, D.C.

Ambassador Gun

Ambassador Gun is a punk/grind band from Minneapolis, MN.

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