Progressive Death Metal


Martyr is a Canadian death metal band from Trois-Rivières, Québec, founded in 1994 by brothers Daniel and François Mongrain. Their musical style consist of mostly progressive use of melodics and variations of thrash and death metal influences.

The Chasm

The Chasm are a death metal band that formed in 1992 in Mexico City, Mexico.  The band is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois after relocating there in 1997.  The Chasm formed from the core members of the now-defunct Mexican band Cenotaph.  Aside from death metal, The Chasm's music draws in elements from other extreme genres, giving their sound a more progressive feel.

Defeated Sanity

Defeated Sanity is a German death metal band from Dachsbach, Bavaria, that was formed in 1994, originally as a side project of guitarist Wolfgang Teske and his son, drummer Lille Gruber. Gruber is the only original remaining member left in the band, following the departure of Teske in July 2008.  Their style is considered to be very techinical and progressive.


Alarum are an Australian progressive metal and technical death metal band that formed in 1992.  The name Alarum means “A mechanism that produces awareness”.

! T.O.O.H !

!T.O.O.H.! (an acronym for "The Obliteration of Humanity") is a progressive death metal band from the Czech Republic formed in 1990. Early on, their lyrics focused mainly on gore, but in their later years more on politics and social matters.

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