Inter Arma

Inter Arma is a blackened sludge/post-metal band from Richmond, Virginia.


Sólstafir is an Icelandic metal band, formed in 1995.  Their name translated in Icelandic means "radiating sun beams".  Sólstafirs music certainly lives up to their obscure name.  While their early work featured a heavier sound, along the lines of traditional viking metal and black metal, it has evolved to include more dynamic elements of progressive metal and post-metal.


Krallice is an experimental black metal band formed by New York City musicians Colin Marston, Mick Barr and Lev Weinstein.  Krallice plays a form of progressive black metal somewhat similar in style to that of Weakling and Wolves in the Throne Room. The band's music features dense multi-tracked guitars often performing tremolo picked lines described as fast and precise.[5] It is also described as a throwback to the early days of Burzum, Gorgoroth, and Ulver.


Tombs is an experimental metal band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2007. They are best known for their sound which combines a mix of multiple metal styles which includes elements of black metal, hardcore, doom metal, and sludge metal.


Bongripper are an experimental sludge/doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois.  The band formed in 2005 after a simple jam session turned into something much more serious.  Their first album, The Great Barrier Reefer, consists of only one track that is nearly 80 minutes long; the album was a very limited release, though it was finally rereleased in October 2012 due to popular demand.   Their sound is very experimental, tapping into elements of a vast range of genres, including noise, drone doom, and ambient music.


Pelican is a post-metal quartet from Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2000, the band stems from their native post-metal scene and is known for their atmospheric and entirely instrumental style.

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