Nunwhore Commando 666

Nunwhore Commando 666 (often abbreviated NWC666) was founded in 1995 by musicians of Gut, Libido Airbag, and Nyctophobic, however the band did not record any material until reconvening in 2001.  They have been influenced by bands like Gore Beyond Necropsy, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Gut, Blasphemy, Mortician.  Their  musical style is self-described as “Electronic Pumpgun Grind”, and the group plays and records without a drummer, preferring to use drum machines.


Gut is a German grindcore band, often credited as fathers of pornogrind, and known for their over-the-top vocals and morbid, pornographic imagery.  Pornogrind is defined solely on the basis of its lyrical content and unique imagery, its focus on pornographic content.  Their music, especially with their 2006 release, combines elements of goregrind and pornogrind with hip hop, hardcore punk, and electronic music.

Waco Jesus

Seated at the intersection of “death metal, grind and porn,” are Illinois natives, Waco Jesus.   This self-described “shit-rock” band covers dark and sometimes gross themes, such as misogyny, shit, and sex. While founders Kevin Mensen and Crazy Jim set out to upset people and disrupt the peace with their extreme sound, Waco Jesus fits into a long line of Illinois depravity, including bands like Lividity and Impetigo and serial killers like the Railway Killer. Waco Jesus fits in perfectly with the guttural, perverse, slam-filled Thursday Soundstage line up.

Cock and Ball Torture

Cock and Ball Torture (also known as CBT) are a goregrind/grindcore formed in 1997 in Germany.  Their current lineup consists of all three of the founding members.  They are considered to be one of the forefathers of the goregrind genre, and their music is also often referred to as pornogrind due to heavily sexual lyrical themes.  While drawing influence from other acts such as Hemdale and GUT, Cock and Ball Torture play their own unique style of goregrind that is accentuated with groove-laden riffs.  

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