Butcher ABC

Butcher ABC is a Japanese noisecore/goregrind band, they originally formed in 1994, but did not release any music until 2002. 

Knelt Rote

Originally a power electronics/noisegrind act for the first two releases, the band assumed a different musical direction on Insignificance, fusing elements of black metal and grindcore.


Triac is a grindcore/punk/noise group from Baltimore, Maryland.  Formed in 2003, Triac didn't record their first material until 2007.

Fuck the Facts

Fuck the Facts is a Canadian grindcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, formed in 1998.  They began in the late nineties as a solo recording project constructed by musician Topon Das.  After many early recordings, including split tapes with groups from around the world, Fuck the Facts began developing a name in the underground with fans of grind. In 2001, the first full-length CD-R, Discoing the Dead, was recorded. The same year, Das would assemble a full band to continue with the project. The band has since coined the terms "bastardized grindcore" and "mullet-core" to describe their sound.

Bastard Noise

The Bastard Noise was founded in 1991, initially as a side project of powerviolence band Man Is The Bastard.  The project has featured many artists and contributors over the years, and their unique sound incorporates a variety of instruments, some of which are crafted specifically for individual projects.

Sete Star Sept

Sete Star Sept is a two-piece noise/grindcore band from Japan.

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