Sunn O)))

Sunn O))) (pronounced simply "sun" /sʌn/, sometimes spelled as sunn O))), or with a 0 instead of an O) is an American drone metal band from Seattle, Washington that formed in 1998. They are primarily known for their synthesis of diverse genres including drone, ambient, noise, and extreme metal.

Melt Banana

Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock band that is known for playing extremely fast grindcore and noise music mixed with experimental, electronica and pop-based song structures.


Formed in 2002, Rochester NY's Sulaco incorporates elements of death metal, grindcore, progressive rock, hardcore, doom, and noise rock into their songs.  

Last Days of Humanity

Last Days of Humanity is a goregrind band from Netherlands, which was active from 1989 until 2006, and reformed in 2010. Their music is known for its technicality. They also show notable elements of noisegrind in later records.

Today is the Day

Today is the Day is an American noise rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They have a diverse sound that includes influences from alternative rock, grindcore, and progressive rock among other genres. Lyrical themes include extreme violence, altered states of consciousness, personal struggles, depression, warfare and mental problems such as psychosis, among others.

Today is the Day will be playing a special "Temple of the Morning Star" set at Maryland Deathfest in 2018.


Unsane is an influential noise rock trio that formed in New York City in 1988. Their music also touches on elements of hardcore punk and metal.

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