Hardcore Punk

The Communion

The Communion is a crossover grind/metal band from Bethpage, New York.  Their sound incorporates elements of many genres, including grind, heavy metal, hardcore, and sludge.

Mass Grave

Mass Grave is a crust/grind band from Vancouver, Canada.  Following in the footsteps of crust punk legends like Disrupt, Doom, and Warcollapse, Massgrave's music and lyrics are politically charged.

Black Breath

Black Breath formed in 2005 in Bellingham, Washington, though the group eventually relocated to Seattle.  Their sound is heavily influenced by crossover thrash predecessors such as Entombed and Dismember.  After recording serveral demos and completing some underground tours, they finally released their first EP in 2008.  After appearing on the Maryland Deathfest line up twice in the past several years, they are returning to the west coast for California Deathfest in 2016.


Fang is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Berkeley, California in 1980. The group was originally part of the punk rock scene in Berkeley, California in the 1980s. Fang initially broke up in 1989 when vocalist Sam McBride was sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney. Upon his release, in 1995, McBride changed his name to Sammytown and reformed Fang.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse is a hardcore punk band, originally from Houston, Texas.  At the time, not many bands were playing fast hardcore in Texas and, like D.R.I. and M.D.C. before them, Verbal Abuse relocated to San Francisco in the end of 1981. Verbal Abuse are one of the classic examples of early American hardcore punk, and would later become known as one of the first crossover bands.  The group split up in 1995, but reunited again in 2005.

Capitalist Casualties

Capitalist Casualties are a hardcore/powerviolence band formed in 1987 in Santa Rosa, California.  They are considered to be one of the original powerviolence bands to come out of southern California during the late 1980's.  The group has been active for over 25 years, and as a prolific amount of recorded material, most of which are split albums with other artists.  Capitalist Casualites are two-time veterans of Maryland Deathfest, and will be making their first California Deathfest appearance in 2016.


D.R.I. (or Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) is a crossover thrash band frformed in 1982 in Houston, Texas.  Media has often called D.R.I. the major band of the "crossover" movement, a style that combined hardcore punk and heavy metal.  

Terveet Kadet

Terveet Kadet have the honor of being the first Finnish hardcore punk band.  They formed in 1980, and have had major influence all over the world.  The name "Terveet Kadet" means "Healthy Hands".


Masakari is a 5 piece hardcore punk band from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Impalers

The Impalers are a hardcore punk band formed in 2010 in Austin, Texas.


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