Hardcore Punk


Skarp is a grindcore band from Seattle, Washington. The band has released one split EP with Human Error, one EP, and two full-length studio albums. The band has been heavily influenced by Choking Victim.


Keitzer is a death metal/grind/hardcore group formed in 1999 in Germany.


Kalibas is a grindcore band from Rochester, New York and was formed in December of 1999 from the ashes of As the World Burns, Lethargy, A Death between Seasons, and Shodokan.


Hellnation was an extreme hardcore punk band from Kentucky. They formed in 1988. Their sound has been variously described as thrashcore, power violence or grindcore.  The trademarks of Hellnation's sound include punk rock guitar riffs played at hyper speed, copious amounts of distortion and angry, profanity-laden lyrics. They broke up in January 2010.


Gadget is a grindcore/hardcore/death metal band that formed in Sweden in 1997.  Initally started as a side project, Gadget became a full time band in late 1999.  Initially, Gadget only had two members, but they has since added 2 more members, completing their lineup and allowing them to perform live.


Disfear is a Swedish crust punk/D-beat band that formed in the early 1990s in Stockholm, Sweden. They have only recorded sporadically over the years. Their current lineup features Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates fame on vocals.  Disfear are considered one of the premier bands in their genre.

Drugs of Faith

Drugs of Faith are a grind/hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C.  The band has described their sound as being "grind n' roll".

Complete Failure

Complete Failure, also known as "ComFail", is a hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Formed in 2007, Complete Failure has toured and recorded extensively during their relatively short tenure as a band.


Triac is a grindcore/punk/noise group from Baltimore, Maryland.  Formed in 2003, Triac didn't record their first material until 2007.

The Endless Blockade

The Endless Blockade were a Toronto, Canada based powerviolence band active from 2003 until 2010.  Their sound was an eclectic mixture of hardcore punk and sludge, and even some noise elements.


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