Hardcore Punk


S.O.B (sometimes also known as SxOxB, which is an acronym for Sabotage Organised Barbarian, sometimes also known as Sounds/Symphonies of Brutality) formed in 1983 in Osaka, Japan. 


Siege is a hardcore punk band from Weymouth Massachusetts.  Formed in 1981, they were active in the Boston hardcore scene from 1984 to 1985, reunited briefly in 1991, and reformed again in 2016.  The band has become revered by punk and metal fans and are now regarded as one of hte pioneers of grindcore and powerviolence.


Ground are a powerviolence/hardcore quartet from New Jersey, formed in 2012. Ground brings fast, in your face, powerviolence relentlessness with a sense of humor and a love for memes. (Their most recent split with Bandit is called Grind Hard with a Vengeance.) They’ll come, beat you down, and leave before the crowd knows what happened. Catch them during their first MDF appearance. 


THE Discharge!! Formed in 1977, Discharge’s seminal 1982 record See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing paved the way for thousands of bands that followed by influencing thrash, crust punk, and grind bands and creating the ‘d-beat’ genre. Original vocalist Cal Morris influenced James Hetfield!  This is the Discharge that influenced all your favorite bands- nothing more needs to be said. Show Discharge your gratitude at Soundstage (with 3 of 5 original members!) for their first MDF appearance.

Negative Approach

Negative Approach formed in 1981 in Detroit, Michigan. Understandably pissed off, vocalist John Brannon created a band considered to be pioneers of hardcore punk. Influenced by The Stooges and bands like Discharge and Blitz, Negative Approach took those influences and injected aggression and vitriol. Negative Approach broke up in 1984, but reformed in 2006 and have been touring sporadically since. Get punched in the throat at their first MDF appearance.


Nekrofilth is a death metal/thrash/hardcore punk crossover band from Cleveland, Ohio.

Spazztic Blurr

Spazztic Blurr is a grindcore band from Portland, Oregon.


Homewrecker is a hardcore band from Ashtabula, Ohio.

Grin and Bear It

Grin and Bear It is a hardcore/powerviolence band from Cleveland, Ohio.


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