Flesh Parade

Flesh Parade is a grindcore band from New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Cretin is a grindcore/death metal band from the Bay Area in California.  They are very heavily influenced by grindcore legends, Repulsion.  Initially formed in 1992, they have been on again/off again with few releases and live appearances, although they recently toured and are working on writing new material. 

Blood Freak

Blood Freak is a Portland, Oregon based death metal/grindcore band that formed in 2003.

Malignant Tumour

Malignant Tumour formed in Czech Republic in 1991, soon after the Iron Curtain fell. In their 23 year history, Malignant Tumour evolved from a straight up gore-grind band to a groovy crust-n-roll band. The band, helmed by guitarist and vocalist Bilos, has played over 1000 shows and appear on 45 recordings.

This is Malignant Tumour’s second MDF appearance. Their first appearance in 2010 resulted in a beach party. Don’t be left on the sand. 


Contrastic is a grindcore band formed in 1993 from the Czech Republic.  They have an experimental sound that includes elements of electronic and industrial music with an experimental flare.

Weekend Nachos

Weekend Nachos is a powerviolence/hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois.  Their sound is an eclectic mix of punk and powerviolence with heavy doom-laden riffs.


Wake is a grindcore band from Calgary, Canada.

Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound is a grindcore band from Vaasa, Finland, formed in 1993.  The band is considered one of the premier grindcore bands in the acclaimed Scandinavian death metal/grindcore scene.


Massgrav is a hardcore punk group formed in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Magrudergrind, formed in 2002, play a mix of powerviolence and grindcore. The band formed in DC, but relocated to Brooklyn NY. Aside from playing completely punishing music, their claim to fame is performing in an episode of Veep. With a total of fifteen recordings, including 2016’s ‘II,’ Magrudergrind mean business. Their live shows are a chaotic, sonic punch to the gut, and a raging good time, which is why you should catch them destroy at their sixth MDF performance.Magrudergrind is a Washington, D.C. based grindcore and powerviolence band formed in 2002.


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