P.L.F. (which stands for Pulverizing Lethal Force) is a grindcore band from Houston, Texas.  Until the 2007 full-length "Pulverizing Lethal Force" the band was called Pretty Little Flower. With that album they changed it to the acronym, which now stands for "Pulverizing Lethal Force".


Rottenness is a brutal death metal/grindcore band from Cancun, Mexico.  The group formed in 1994, and were one of the first metal bands from their area to start playing shows around Mexico. After an initial attempt to play MDF in 2005, the band finally made it to the stage in 2010.  Rottenness disbanded early in 2012, only to reform later in the year.  

The Communion

The Communion is a crossover grind/metal band from Bethpage, New York.  Their sound incorporates elements of many genres, including grind, heavy metal, hardcore, and sludge.


Defeatist was a three-piece grindcore band from New York City.  The group formed in 2005 and included ex-members of Kalibas and Anodyne.  Defeatist played their last show in New York City in December of 2011.


Formed in 2002, Rochester NY's Sulaco incorporates elements of death metal, grindcore, progressive rock, hardcore, doom, and noise rock into their songs.  

Mass Grave

Mass Grave is a crust/grind band from Vancouver, Canada.  Following in the footsteps of crust punk legends like Disrupt, Doom, and Warcollapse, Massgrave's music and lyrics are politically charged.

Fuck the Facts

Fuck the Facts is a Canadian grindcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, formed in 1998.  They began in the late nineties as a solo recording project constructed by musician Topon Das.  After many early recordings, including split tapes with groups from around the world, Fuck the Facts began developing a name in the underground with fans of grind. In 2001, the first full-length CD-R, Discoing the Dead, was recorded. The same year, Das would assemble a full band to continue with the project. The band has since coined the terms "bastardized grindcore" and "mullet-core" to describe their sound.

Total Fucking Destruction

Total Fucking Destruction is a grindcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The band was formed by Richard Hoak after the demise of Brutal Truth. Rich is the main composer/songwriter.

Jesus Crost

Jesus Crost are a grindcore band from Rotterdamn, the Netherlands.


Rompeprop are a three-piece grindcore/goregrind band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  The initial idea for the band came in 1999, but it wasn't until 2001 that they finalized their lineup and began performing.  The band draws influences from other grind/goregrind greats including GUT, Impetego, and Haemorrhage.


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