Drugs of Faith

Drugs of Faith are a grind/hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C.  The band has described their sound as being "grind n' roll".


Triac is a grindcore/punk/noise group from Baltimore, Maryland.  Formed in 2003, Triac didn't record their first material until 2007.


Maruta is a grindcore band based out of Miami, FL that was conceived in late 2005. They are known for incorporating dissonant guitar riffs, elements of doom, and death metal into their style of grindcore. They split up in 2011, but reunited again in 2012.  Maruta will be making their second Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.

Kill the Client

Kill the Client formed in Dallas, Texas in 2002, taking the American grindcore scene by storm. The band'mixes the brutal assault of grindcore with politically charged lyrics, and has been one of the more highly acclaimed acts in the genre over the past decade.


Jig-ai are a goregrind/death metal band from Prague, Czech Republic.  The band's artwork and lyrical themes are both based off of Guro, a genre of hentai (anime porn) which is characterised by extremely violent images of anime characters (often female) being mutilated in a sexually appealing way. Jigai was a traditional method of ritual suicide for women in Japan.


Pigsty is a grindcore band that formed in 1998 in the Czech Republic.  


Crowpath were a grindcore band from Malmo, Sweden.  The band formed in 1997, and split up in 2010.  Their music drew influences from bands such as Today is the Day and Deadguy, and were known for their unique progressive sound.


Splitter is a Swedish grindcore/crust band.  The group has been together since 2003. 


Catheter is a death metal/grindcore/hardcore band from Denver, Colorado.  Originally formed in 1997, the group has a prolific prolific recording and touring history, which has greatly contributed to their influence in the American grindcore scene.


Phobia is a Grindcore band from Orange County, California.[1] The band was formed in 1990 and is heavily influenced by crust punk and grindcore. Their lyrical content focuses mainly on socio-political issues and left-wing politics.


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