Gore Grind


Torsofuk is a goregrind/brutal death metal band from Finland.  They formed in 1995 and after many line-up changes and some live shows, the band split up around 1999. In 2001 the band returned for a split with Lymphatic Phlegm and after that called it quits again. However, Goregiastic Records offered them a record deal; the band accepted it and recorded their first full-length in 2004.

Squash Bowels

Squash Bowels is a Polish goregrind band.  They have been together since 1994, and have a prolific recording history.

The Day Everything Became Nothing

The Day Everything Became Nothing is a goregrind band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2001.  


Jig-ai are a goregrind/death metal band from Prague, Czech Republic.  The band's artwork and lyrical themes are both based off of Guro, a genre of hentai (anime porn) which is characterised by extremely violent images of anime characters (often female) being mutilated in a sexually appealing way. Jigai was a traditional method of ritual suicide for women in Japan.


Pigsty is a grindcore band that formed in 1998 in the Czech Republic.  

Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation is an American deathgrind band from San Diego, California.  Originally founded in 1996, Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based on putting humans in the situations that animals are subjected to (animal testing, slaughter, etc.).

General Surgery

General Surgery are a goregrind/death metal band from Sweden.  Formed in 1998, the group split up in 1991.  They were inactive for roughly 11-12 years before reforming.  Released their first full-length album in 2006, seventeen years after forming.


Coming from the frozen wastelands of Winnipeg, Canada, Putrescence play fast, angry goregrind, the way it was intended. Putrescence have been terrorizing music fans with grotesque, brutal music since 2003.  They were ready to call it quits after OEF 2015, but the lure of Baltimore was too strong. Putrescene is ready to deliver a sonic bat to your skull. This is their third MDF appearance.


Rompeprop are a three-piece grindcore/goregrind band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  The initial idea for the band came in 1999, but it wasn't until 2001 that they finalized their lineup and began performing.  The band draws influences from other grind/goregrind greats including GUT, Impetego, and Haemorrhage.


Impaled is a death metal and goregrind band from Oakland, California. The band's name is an acronym, standing for "Immoral Medical Practitioners And Licentious Evil-Doers".  Several Impaled members also play in the band Ghoul.


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