Drone Metal


Formed in 1989 in Washington state, Earth are pioneers of drone. Led by Dylan Carlson, Earth’s music is largely instrumental, crushingly slow and heavy, and repetitive.  More recent Earth output introduces elements from completely different styles of music. Carlson, Earth’s helmsman, has noted influences as far ranging as British folk bands like Fairport Convention and country singer Merle Haggard. Their most recent album, Primitive and Deadly, is the first Earth album since 2006 to include vocals. Drone on at their first MDF appearance.

Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple was founded by Tommie Eriksson in 2006. Aside from his work in metal bands like Nocturnal Rites and Therion, Eriksson is known for his work as the author of Mork Magi (Dark Magic), a book on the left-hand path.  Eriksson channels his occult expertise into stoner/doom/somewhat drone band Saturnalia Temple. Ritualistic, atmospheric, and psychedelic, in the vein of Electric Wizard and Om, Saturnalia Temple will usher in a doomy haze over MDF. This is their first MDF ritual.

Sunn O)))

Sunn O))) (pronounced simply "sun" /sʌn/, sometimes spelled as sunn O))), or with a 0 instead of an O) is an American drone metal band from Seattle, Washington that formed in 1998. They are primarily known for their synthesis of diverse genres including drone, ambient, noise, and extreme metal.

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