Doom Metal


Formed in 2002, Rochester NY's Sulaco incorporates elements of death metal, grindcore, progressive rock, hardcore, doom, and noise rock into their songs.  


Howl is an American Doom metal band from Providence, Rhode Island, formed in 2006. Signing with Relapse Records in 2009, they released their debut full-length album, Full of Hell, in May 2010.


Jucifer is a two piece sludge metal band signed to Relapse Records. The band's members include Gazelle Amber Valentine on lead guitar and vocals, and her husband Edgar Livengood on drums. They travel in an RV and are "nomadic in nature", preferring to tour constantly, living in their tour vehicle, rather than following the normal practice of album release/tour/time at home.


Coffins is a death/doom metal band that formed in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.  Their sound is influenced by old school ’80s and ’90s doom metal, death metal and thrash metal.  Since 2000, Coffins has been extemely prolific, recording 4 full-length albums and appearing on over 15 splits and EP's.  Maryland Deathfest 2014 will mark Coffins' third appearance, having previously played in 2008 and 2010.


Candlemass are a Swedish doom metal band.  Forming in 1984, they are one of the pioneering acts in doom metal, and are considered as originators of the style.  In an area of the world inundated with it's own unique styles of death metal and black metal, Candlemass created their own niche with their own distinctive style and sound, and they helped bring doom metal into the international spotlight.  Though they have been on occasional hiatus throughout their nearly 20 year history, they have been consistently playing live and recording since 2004.


Bongripper are an experimental sludge/doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois.  The band formed in 2005 after a simple jam session turned into something much more serious.  Their first album, The Great Barrier Reefer, consists of only one track that is nearly 80 minutes long; the album was a very limited release, though it was finally rereleased in October 2012 due to popular demand.   Their sound is very experimental, tapping into elements of a vast range of genres, including noise, drone doom, and ambient music.


Oak is a doomy death metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. 


Cianide is a pioneering American death metal/doom metal outfit that formed in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.


Ilsa is a doom/crust band from Washington, D.C.


Asphyx is a Dutch death/doom band formed in Overijssel, Netherlands in 1987.  Heavily influenced by acts like Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Death, Asphyx created their own unique blend of crushingly heavy doom mixed with catchy death metal.  Throughout their history, Asphyx have disbanded and reformed numerous times, with the drummer Bob Bagchus as the only remaining original member.


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