Doom Metal

Come to Grief

Come to Grief was formed in 2014 by former members of the widely acclaimed band Grief, and are named after Grief's 1994 album "Come to Grief". 


Originally formed in Finland as a punk/metal hybrid in 1990, Rippikoulu's style began to evolve more towards doom and death metal as their lineup evolved. The group was on hiatus from 1995 (after the death of their guitarist) until 2014, when they released the EP "Ulvaja". 

:Rippikoulu" means "confirmation class" in Finnish.

Acid King

Acid King is a Doom/Stoner metal band from San Francisco, California.  Formed in 1993, the band took its name from Ricky Kasso, the Acid King, a teen drug dealer who murdered a friend over angel dust while under the influence of mescaline.

Spectral Voice

Spectral Voice is a doom metal / death metal band from Denver, Colorado.


Formed in 1989 in Washington state, Earth are pioneers of drone. Led by Dylan Carlson, Earth’s music is largely instrumental, crushingly slow and heavy, and repetitive.  More recent Earth output introduces elements from completely different styles of music. Carlson, Earth’s helmsman, has noted influences as far ranging as British folk bands like Fairport Convention and country singer Merle Haggard. Their most recent album, Primitive and Deadly, is the first Earth album since 2006 to include vocals. Drone on at their first MDF appearance.

November's Doom

Now known for being one of the longest-running US doom bands, Novembers Doom had different origins. In 1989, Laceration, a death-thrash band, formed in Chicago. By 1991, the band had adopted a slower, heavier sound and the name Novembers Doom. Although vocalist Paul Kuhr is the only consistent remaining, original member, Novembers Doom have maintained their trademark gothic, doomy, sexy sound. This is their first MDF performance.


With a band name ripped from pioneering doom/stoner band Electric Wizard’s 2000 release, you know exactly what you’re in for. Formed in Montreal in 2008, Dopethrone are oppressively heavy, blending thick riffs with New Orleans grit. Dopethrone is a must-see for all stoners and doom fans. Get ready to be transported into a swap of perpetual haze at their first MDF set.

Crypt Sermon

Philly-based Crypt Sermon clearly draws influence from traditional doom metal. Everything -  from the clean, raspy vocals, to the medieval inspired album art to the religion-focused lyrics - harkens back to the glory days of traditional doom metal, like Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Trouble. For a band formed in just 2013, Crypt Sermon will have doom heads thinking they’ve been transported back to the Days of High Doom.

This is Crypt Sermon’s first MDF appearance.

Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple was founded by Tommie Eriksson in 2006. Aside from his work in metal bands like Nocturnal Rites and Therion, Eriksson is known for his work as the author of Mork Magi (Dark Magic), a book on the left-hand path.  Eriksson channels his occult expertise into stoner/doom/somewhat drone band Saturnalia Temple. Ritualistic, atmospheric, and psychedelic, in the vein of Electric Wizard and Om, Saturnalia Temple will usher in a doomy haze over MDF. This is their first MDF ritual.


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