Innumerable Forms

Innumerable Forms is a one-man death metal project from Boston, Massachusetts.


Exhumed is an American death metal band from San Jose, California, most recently signed to Relapse Records.


Ghoul is a thrash metal band from Oakland, California. Though the members' actual identities are meant to be concealed, it is known that some members of Ghoul also play or have played in other bands such as Impaled, Dystopia, Wolves in the Throne Room, Exhumed, Phobia, Asunder and Morbosidad. The members go by the stage names Cremator, Fermentor, Digestor, and Dissector. The band has a large line-up of characters in their lyrics, including the four of themselves. Most of the information about them comes from the "Curio Shop Owner" one of the many characters mentioned in their songs.


Brujeria is a "Mexican-American" extreme metal band formed Los Angeles, California in 1989. Their name comes from the Spanish word for "witchcraft". Their songs, which are sung in Spanish, are focused on Satanism, anti-Christianity, sex, immigration, narcotics smuggling, and politics. Ironically, despite Spanish lyrics, portraying a Mexican image and with a heavy anti-American stance, the majority of the band's members are actually American born, and with some being Swedish or British. The band is not from Tijuana, Mexico regardless of popular belief.


Aborted is a Belgian death metal band formed in Waregem, in 1995.  The band members of Aborted are from Belgium, The Netherlands and the United States.[1] Aborted has released six studio albums, two EPs and one live performance video album.

! T.O.O.H !

!T.O.O.H.! (an acronym for "The Obliteration of Humanity") is a progressive death metal band from the Czech Republic formed in 1990. Early on, their lyrics focused mainly on gore, but in their later years more on politics and social matters.


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