Death Metal


Vulcano is an extreme metal band from Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1981, it is one of the first Brazilian heavy metal bands of note.


Vallenfyre are a British extreme metal supergroup founded as a side project by Paradise Lost's chief songwriter and lead guitarist Gregor Mackintosh.


Putrisect is a death metal band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed by ex-members of the band Marrow in 2013.  Despite their brief history, Putrisect has made a name for themselves in the growing Baltimore metal scene, and will be one of several local bands to be featured on the stages of Maryland Deathfest in 2014.

Goat Torment

Goat Torment are a Belgian black/death metal band formed in 2009.  After releasing a few recordings and several lineup changes, Goat Torment continues to play as a two-piece, bringing in studio musicians for live shows.  Goat Torment will be making their first Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.


Hailing from the chaos ridden land of Bangladesh, ORATOR is a Death/Thrash metal band in the vein of Master, old Sepultura, Merciless and many more. Orator so far has released an EP, a demo tape and a full length. Now signed with Pulverised Records, Orator is working on the sophomore release. Orator spreads nothing but deathrashing madness of nothingness or non-existence inspired by their the inauspicious mad Aghoris. The trio will be performing at the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, Maryland next year to show their aghoratorical rage!


Triptykon is the latest musical brainchild of Thomas Gabriel Fischer, founding member of metal pioneers Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Apollyon Sun. Fischer announced his departure from Celtic Frost in May 2008 and shortly afterwards revealed his new project would be entitled Triptykon, which is a play on the word tryptych, as Triptykon is Thomas Gabriel Fischer's third project after Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. Triptykon are currently working on their second studio album, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2014.  


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