Death Metal


Joining Deathfest from Montreal, Canada, this four piece death metal band can only be described in one word: crushing. The quartet plays death metal in the vein of Immolation and Deathspell Omega, music that is meant to crush the listener into dust. Phobocosm formed in 2008, but didn’t release a full-length until 2014- the follow up was released earlier this month. Hey, perfecting crushing, oppressive, bleakness takes time. This is Phobocosm’s first MDF appearance.


Sinister formed in 1988 in the Netherlands. A classic-sounding Dutch death metal band, Sinister are helmed by drummer-turned-vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard. Although the band has had a revolving line up, Sinister have released a whopping twelve albums. To follow their first Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2016, they will be performing in their home country for Netherlands Deathfest 2017.

Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot, first conceived in Wisconsin in 1994, are every bit as filthy as their name implies. Named after a foot infection common in soldiers stationed in wet climates, Jungle Rot are equally grotesque. Jungle Rot don’t reinvent the death metal wheel, and instead perfect “Neanderthal knuckle-dragging metal.” Fronted by only original member Dave Matrise, Jungle Rot are ready to bring their breed of savage, barbaric death metal to Maryland Death Fest for the first time.


Gruesome is an unabashed, unashamed, Leprosy-era Death worship super-group, consisting of Matt Harvey (Exhumed) covering vocals and guitar, Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) on guitar, Robin Mazen (Derketa) playing bass and Gus Rios (ex-Malevolent Creation) banging on the drums. Their debut release, Savage Land oozes death metal goodness that would be at home in Tampa, Florida in 1989. In short, Gruesome pays homage to classic death metal- even Chuck Schuldiner would be proud.

This is Gruesome’s first MDF appearance. 


Solstice is an American death metal band from Miami, Florida. They were formed in 1990 by drummer Alex Marquez and guitarists Rob Barrett and Dennis Munoz.


Nekrofilth is a death metal/thrash/hardcore punk crossover band from Cleveland, Ohio.


Masacre is a death metal band from Medellin, Colombia.  Formed in 1988, they are considered to be one of the more influential groups in the South American extreme metal scene.  

Drawn and Quartered

Drawn and Quartered is a Metal band from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Influenced by decades of Heavy, Thrash, Death, Speed, and Black Metal.

Blood Red Throne

BloodRedThrone is a 20 year old norwegian death metal band led by founder, Daniel "Død" Olaisen. He's the only original member left. The band will soon release their 8th full length album through Candlelight Records. BloodRedThrone has previously toured the US twice and is looking forward to come back and play at Maryland Deathfest for the first time!


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