Death Metal


Asphyx is a Dutch death/doom band formed in Overijssel, Netherlands in 1987.  Heavily influenced by acts like Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Death, Asphyx created their own unique blend of crushingly heavy doom mixed with catchy death metal.  Throughout their history, Asphyx have disbanded and reformed numerous times, with the drummer Bob Bagchus as the only remaining original member.

Artery Eruption

Artery Eruption is a slam/brutal death metal band formed in 1998.  They are based out of Clovis, California.


Arsis is an American technical melodic death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 2000.


Anata is a technical death metal band formed in 1993.  They are from Varberg, Sweden.

Anaal Nathrakh

Anaal Nathrakh are a British extreme metal band formed in 1999 who fuse black metal, grindcore, death metal and industrial music.  They started off as strictly a black metal band, but over time their music has evolved, adding more elements of death metal, grindcore and industrial.


Alarum are an Australian progressive metal and technical death metal band that formed in 1992.  The name Alarum means “A mechanism that produces awareness”.


Noisem is a Death/Thrash metal band from Baltimore, MD.


Necropsy is a death metal band from Finland.


DEIPHAGO was created in 1989 by Voltaire 666, Sidapa and Royce. The band was inspired by the black metal gods Sarcofago, Sodom, Venom, Mercyful Fate and Hellhammer.  The band moved to Costa Rica in 2004.


Cruciamentum is a death metal band formed in 2005 in England.


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