Death Metal


Deceased are a death/thrash metal band from Arlington.  The band formed in 1984 and has developed a cult following over their nearly 30 year history, releasing dozens of records and hundreds of live shows.  Deceased were the first band to sign with Relapse Records, though the band left the label in 2003.  

The Chasm

The Chasm are a death metal band that formed in 1992 in Mexico City, Mexico.  The band is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois after relocating there in 1997.  The Chasm formed from the core members of the now-defunct Mexican band Cenotaph.  Aside from death metal, The Chasm's music draws in elements from other extreme genres, giving their sound a more progressive feel.

Sadistic Intent

Sadistic Intent is a death metal band formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, California.  They were one of the pioneering classic death metal acts in the area, and though they have not recorded new material in several years, the group still has occasional live performances.  Two members of the band, Rick and Bay Cortez, also run a record store called Dark Realm Records out of Downey, California.


Unleashed are a Swedish death metal band that formed after founding member Johnny Hedlund left the band Nihilist.  Formed in 1989, they are considered to be one of the first death metal acts to incorporate Norse/Viking folklore into their lyrical themes, rather than the death and gore typical of the period, and they are considered among the forefathers of Viking metal.

At the Gates

At the Gates are a melodic death metal group from Gothenburg, Sweden.  Formed in 1990 as a death metal band, their sound evolved through the 1990's to incorporate a more melodic style.  Their later albums, particularly Slaughter of the Soul, are considered highly influential to the Gothenburg death metal sound.


Melechesh is an Assyrian black metal band that originated in Jerusalem.  The band’s goal was to create a type of black metal incorporating extensive Middle Eastern influences mainly based on Assyrian (Mesopotamian) and occult themes (both musically and lyrically); the band invented the title "Assyrian metal" to best describe their type of metal.  


Necrophobic is a Swedish death metal band formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner and guitarist David Parland. It is believed that the band named themselves after a Slayer song from the 1986 seminal album Reign in Blood.


The legendary Incantation formed in 1989, by masterminds John McEntee and Paul Ledney. Incantation are considered one of the hallmark New York death metal –ation bands, along with Suffocation and Immolation. Their landmark album, Onward to Golgotha has stood the test of time and remains a must-listen for any death metal fan. There have been many incarnations of Incantation, with McEntee remaining the only consistent, original member. After 29 years, Incantation remains at the top of the death metal game. 

Nirvana 2002

Nirvana 2002 was a Swedish death metal band active between 1988 and 1992.


Pestilence is a death metal band from the Netherlands founded in 1986. They are known for incorporating jazz and fusion elements into their music. After disbanding in order to pursue other musical directions in 1994, Pestilence reunited in 2008.


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