Death Metal


Skullshitter are a three piece grindcore band from New York. Formed in 2010, they’re relative newbies to this incarnation of Maryland Deathfest. Skullshitter play fast, angry grindcore- but the death metal, acid-trip vocals are what differentiates them from their grind brethren.  This is their first MDF appearance.

November's Doom

Now known for being one of the longest-running US doom bands, Novembers Doom had different origins. In 1989, Laceration, a death-thrash band, formed in Chicago. By 1991, the band had adopted a slower, heavier sound and the name Novembers Doom. Although vocalist Paul Kuhr is the only consistent remaining, original member, Novembers Doom have maintained their trademark gothic, doomy, sexy sound. This is their first MDF performance.


Coming from Sweden, Interment are bringing back the classic 90s sound of Swedish death metal. Originally formed in 1988 as ‘Beyond,’ the band became Interment in 1990, maintaining two original members (drummer Kennet Englund [Centinex] and guitarist/vocalist Johan Jansson [Regurgitate]) to the present day. Interment exemplify the Swedish death metal sound, shaped by bands like Entombed and Dismember. Their newest release, Scent of the Buried, was released on April 1st, 2016. Relive the glory days of Swedish death at Interment’s first MDF appearance.


Philly death metal trio Horrendous received heaps of praise for their most recent album, Anareta (Oct 2015), and deservedly so. This three piece worships at the altar of the old school, but sounds anything but stale or rehashed. There are definite nods to Florida death metal blended with Swedish melody, with plenty of guitar solos to go around. If you love classic death metal and want a new band to love, catch Horrendous’ first MDF set!


Born in Sweden in the early 90s, Deranged are contemporaries with Swedish bands like Grave, Entombed, and Dismember. Deranged’s sound, however, is groovier, faster, more technical-they would be at home playing with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Gorgasm. The cover of their single “…the Confessions Continued” was banned in Germany for being too violent. After several line-up changes and a brief hiatus, Deranged is back and ready to kill.

This is their first MDF appearance. 


These New York brutal death metallers formed in the mid-90s alongside bands like Suffocation, Malignancy, and Internal Bleeding. Their first album, Prophecies Foretold, is a perfect lesson in Long Island slam. Blending groove, speed, and technicality, Dehumanized never fails to liven a crowd.  Dehumanized will take no prisoners, and leave no one standing.

This is Dehumanized’s second MDF appearance. Their first was 2004.


Coming from Brazil, Mystifier play one hundred percent evil, Satan-worshipping, noisy, filthy black metal. Spawned in 1989, Beelzeebubth created Mystifier to express his discontent and feelings of alienation in heavily Catholic Brazil. Additionally, Mystifier’s claim to fame is appearing on the Gummo soundtrack. Contemporaries with Possessed, Sarcofago, and Sepultura, Mystifier are keeping the traditions and aesthetics of the genre alive.  See their first MDF performance this year.

Infernal Revulsion

Coming from the other side of the world, Infernal Revulsion are ready to smash in faces. Formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005, Infernal Revulsion play brutal death metal in the vein of Wormed, Devourment, and Internal Bleeding, complete with guttural vocals, nonstop double bass, and loud guitars. If Infernal Revulsion’s goal is brutality, they have exceeded all expectations. Make their trip from Japan worthwhile and catch their first MDF set.

Grave Miasma

Occult worshipping black/death metal band Grave Miasma joins MDF from the UK. Founded as ‘Goat Molestor’ in 2006, Grave Miasma shares members with fellow Brits Cruciamentum, who leveled Maryland in 2013. In the same vein, Grave Miasma serves up atmospheric, unholy, gloomy blackened death metal. Join Grave Miasma on an ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ (out May 6th) for their first MDF appearance.


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