Death Metal


Vile is a death metal band from Concord, California.


Originally formed in Finland as a punk/metal hybrid in 1990, Rippikoulu's style began to evolve more towards doom and death metal as their lineup evolved. The group was on hiatus from 1995 (after the death of their guitarist) until 2014, when they released the EP "Ulvaja". 

:Rippikoulu" means "confirmation class" in Finnish.

Butcher ABC

Butcher ABC is a Japanese noisecore/goregrind band, they originally formed in 1994, but did not release any music until 2002. 


Outre-Tombe is a death metal band from Quebec, Canada. 


Acephalix is a death metal band formed in 2007 in San Francisco, California.

Bestial Evil

Bestial Evil is a death metal/thrash metal band from Baltimore, Maryland.


Pissgrave is a death metal band from Philadelphia, PA.

Ascended Dead

Ascended Dead is a dark, chaotic death metal band from San Diego, California.  

Morta Skuld

Morta Skuld is a death metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  


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