Crust Punk

Malignant Tumour

Malignant Tumour formed in Czech Republic in 1991, soon after the Iron Curtain fell. In their 23 year history, Malignant Tumour evolved from a straight up gore-grind band to a groovy crust-n-roll band. The band, helmed by guitarist and vocalist Bilos, has played over 1000 shows and appear on 45 recordings.

This is Malignant Tumour’s second MDF appearance. Their first appearance in 2010 resulted in a beach party. Don’t be left on the sand. 


Tinner is a Swedish/Finnish d-beat crust punk band.  

Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound is a grindcore band from Vaasa, Finland, formed in 1993.  The band is considered one of the premier grindcore bands in the acclaimed Scandinavian death metal/grindcore scene.


Ilsa is a doom/crust band from Washington, D.C.


Hellshock is a crust punk band formed in 2000 in Portland Oregon.

Ambassador Gun

Ambassador Gun is a punk/grind band from Minneapolis, MN.


Dropdead is a hardcore punk band based in Providence, Rhode Island. They have been active in the punk scene since 1991.  They address subjects such as animal rights, pacifism, and anti-authoritarianism.  The band's songs are generally short and very fast-paced, with few lasting longer than one minute.  Dropdead made their first appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2011, and will be returning for a second appearance in 2014.


Kylesa is a metal group that borrows elements of crust punk, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, sludge metal, and indie rock. They have three different singers. Kylesa formed in Savannah in 2001, taking their name from "kilesa mara", a Buddhist term denoting delusory mental states.


Tragedy is a hardcore/crust punk band originally formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000 from the ashes of highly influential modern hardcore acts His Hero is Gone and Deathreat. Tragedy, now located in Portland, OR, consists of vocalist/guitarist Todd Burdette (ex-HHIG, Deathreat), who is also screaming for Severed Heads of State, guitarist Yannick Lorrain (ex-HHIG, Deathreat), bassist Billy Davis (ex-From Ashes Rise, Deathreat) and drummer Paul Burdette  (ex-HHIG, Deathreat). Tragedy play aggressive, vitriolic modern hardcore. This is their third MDF appearance.


Joining Discharge from England, Doom are a highly influential crust punk band. Doom’s most influential music came out between 1987 and 1990, including their Police Bastard 7”, which sold over 20,000 copies. Blending elements of extreme metal, anarcho-punk, and sheer anger, Doom exemplifies crust punk. Noting their focus on social issues and intensity, Doom are considered by some to be a pre-cursor to grindcore. This is their second MDF appearance; their first was in 2011.  


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