Crust Punk


Acephalix is a death metal band formed in 2007 in San Francisco, California.


Doom are an English hardcore punk band from Birmingham whose first lineup were together from 1987 to 1990. Despite its short existence, the band is considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk, a punk rock style that fuses extreme metal with anarcho-punk. They recorded for Peaceville Records and are cited as an early precursor to grindcore. 


THE Discharge!! Formed in 1977, Discharge’s seminal 1982 record See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing paved the way for thousands of bands that followed by influencing thrash, crust punk, and grind bands and creating the ‘d-beat’ genre. Original vocalist Cal Morris influenced James Hetfield!  This is the Discharge that influenced all your favorite bands- nothing more needs to be said. Show Discharge your gratitude at Soundstage (with 3 of 5 original members!) for their first MDF appearance.

Endorphins Lost

Endorphins Lost are a crust/grind/powerviolence/d-beat band from Seattle, Washington.  The group features members of other great Seattle bands such as Catheter and Capitalist Casualties.  The group released their most recent LP in the summer of 2013, following that up with a rigorous touring schedule, including a visit to Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  Endorphins Lost will be making their first appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2014.


Enabler are a hardcore punk crossover band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Since their formation in 2009, Enabler have released several LP's and splits, and completed successful tours both in the U.S. and internationally.  Their fierce, driving sound has started to gain them noteriety in the hardcore punk community.  Enabler will be making their first Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.


Antisect formed in 1982, and are considered widely influential in the anarcho-punk scene of the early and mid 1980's in the UK, fusing a heavy punk/metal style with intensely political lyrics. Originally splitting up in 1987, they reformed in 2011.

Death Toll 80k

Death Toll 80k are a crossover grindcore band from Lappeenranta, Finland.  Formed in 2008, their sound blends elements of grindcore with crust punk, death metal, and thrash metal, while incorporating lyrical themes that address issues such as war, the environment, and other social issues.  Death Toll 80k will be bringing their unique brand of grindcore across the pond to make an appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2014.


Skitsystem (literally "Shit System") is a Swedish crust punk band formed in early 1994. Their sound was heavily influenced by death metal and d-beat. The band members originally came from different death metal bands, bonding over a common interest in d-beat.  Initially the group was a side-project of two members of At the Gates.  The band announced in December 2007 that they were on indefinite hiatus.

Extreme Noise Terror

Extreme Noise Terror (often abbreviated to ENT) are a British crust punk / grindcore band originally formed in Ipswich, England in 1985. The band are widely considered one of the earliest and most influential European grindcore bands, and particularly the forefathers of the crustgrind subgenre.  Notable for one of the earliest uses of dual vocalists in hardcore punk, Extreme Noise Terror started as a crust punk band and helped characterize the early, archetypal grindcore sound with fiercely political lyrics, grinding guitars, extremely fast tempo and often very short songs.


Skarp is a grindcore band from Seattle, Washington. The band has released one split EP with Human Error, one EP, and two full-length studio albums. The band has been heavily influenced by Choking Victim.


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