Crossover Thrash


THE Discharge!! Formed in 1977, Discharge’s seminal 1982 record See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing paved the way for thousands of bands that followed by influencing thrash, crust punk, and grind bands and creating the ‘d-beat’ genre. Original vocalist Cal Morris influenced James Hetfield!  This is the Discharge that influenced all your favorite bands- nothing more needs to be said. Show Discharge your gratitude at Soundstage (with 3 of 5 original members!) for their first MDF appearance.

Spazztic Blurr

Spazztic Blurr is a grindcore band from Portland, Oregon.


Coming straight from the beaches of Venice, California, Excel mix punk and heavy metal. Excel cite influences from both genres, including Black Flag, the Germs, Slayer, and Cryptic Slaughter. The resulting sound would be the perfect surfing, skateboarding, or desert-driving soundtrack. Their contemporaries include Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies, and Megadeth. Excel are known for tagging venues, resulting in a myriad of logos. Excel broke up in 1995, but have been active since 2012. This is their first MDF appearance, after they cancelled in 2015.


Antisect formed in 1982, and are considered widely influential in the anarcho-punk scene of the early and mid 1980's in the UK, fusing a heavy punk/metal style with intensely political lyrics. Originally splitting up in 1987, they reformed in 2011.

Ratos de Porao

Ratos de Porão, or simply RxDxPx, was formed in 1981, existing in the Brazilian (São Paulo city) punk rock scene . Directly influenced by the UK 82 hardcore bands such as Discharge, G.B.H., Varukers and Swedish and Finnish bands such as Anti-Cimex and Kaaos, they started to write songs that criticized Brazilian society, a revolutionary concept at the time. Their sound is regarded as one of rawest of their scene.  Ratos de Porão will be making their first appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2014.


Sick/Tired is a hardcore punk/powerviolence band from Chicago, Illinois, featuring members of Mk-Ultra and Weekend Nachos.  Formed in 2009,  Sick/Tired released a their most recent LP in 2013, and will be making their first Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.

Final Conflict

Founded by Jeff Harp in 1983 Final Conflict has been a long standing staple of LA underground scene as well as being one of the first wave of “crossover” bands who mixed metal with hardcore punk. Much time has passed, members come and go but the love for the music has never ceased. Jeff has remained the foundation of the band, never waning in his devotion to Final Conflict and it's music.


D.R.I. (or Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) is a crossover thrash band frformed in 1982 in Houston, Texas.  Media has often called D.R.I. the major band of the "crossover" movement, a style that combined hardcore punk and heavy metal.  

Bad Acid Trip

Bad Acid Trip was formed in North Hollywood, California in 1989 during the beginnings of the West Coast power violence scene.  The band is recognizable as being one of the more coherent grindcore acts.  

Vitamin X

Vitamin X or VX is a hardcore punk and thrashcore band from Amsterdam, Netherlands that was formed in 1997. They are considered one of the best and most influential hardcore punk bands.


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