Brutal Death Metal

Infected Malignity

Infected Malignity is a three-piece Japanese death metal band that formed in 2004 by former members of the band Defiant Manner.  


Kalibas is a grindcore band from Rochester, New York and was formed in December of 1999 from the ashes of As the World Burns, Lethargy, A Death between Seasons, and Shodokan.

Waco Jesus

Seated at the intersection of “death metal, grind and porn,” are Illinois natives, Waco Jesus.   This self-described “shit-rock” band covers dark and sometimes gross themes, such as misogyny, shit, and sex. While founders Kevin Mensen and Crazy Jim set out to upset people and disrupt the peace with their extreme sound, Waco Jesus fits into a long line of Illinois depravity, including bands like Lividity and Impetigo and serial killers like the Railway Killer. Waco Jesus fits in perfectly with the guttural, perverse, slam-filled Thursday Soundstage line up.


Torsofuk is a goregrind/brutal death metal band from Finland.  They formed in 1995 and after many line-up changes and some live shows, the band split up around 1999. In 2001 the band returned for a split with Lymphatic Phlegm and after that called it quits again. However, Goregiastic Records offered them a record deal; the band accepted it and recorded their first full-length in 2004.


Maruta is a grindcore band based out of Miami, FL that was conceived in late 2005. They are known for incorporating dissonant guitar riffs, elements of doom, and death metal into their style of grindcore. They split up in 2011, but reunited again in 2012.  Maruta will be making their second Maryland Deathfest appearance in 2014.

Artery Eruption

Artery Eruption is a slam/brutal death metal band formed in 1998.  They are based out of Clovis, California.


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