Brutal Death Metal


Brodequin is a brutal death metal band from Knoxville, Tennessee.


Born in Sweden in the early 90s, Deranged are contemporaries with Swedish bands like Grave, Entombed, and Dismember. Deranged’s sound, however, is groovier, faster, more technical-they would be at home playing with bands like Cannibal Corpse and Gorgasm. The cover of their single “…the Confessions Continued” was banned in Germany for being too violent. After several line-up changes and a brief hiatus, Deranged is back and ready to kill.

This is their first MDF appearance. 

Infernal Revulsion

Coming from the other side of the world, Infernal Revulsion are ready to smash in faces. Formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005, Infernal Revulsion play brutal death metal in the vein of Wormed, Devourment, and Internal Bleeding, complete with guttural vocals, nonstop double bass, and loud guitars. If Infernal Revulsion’s goal is brutality, they have exceeded all expectations. Make their trip from Japan worthwhile and catch their first MDF set.

Putrid Pile

If Putrid Pile is not one of the earliest one-man goregrind bands, it might be one of the best known. After seeing the one-man Insidious Discrepancy live in 2000, mastermind Shaun LaCanne was inspired to start his own one-man project. In true goregrind fashion, Putrid Pile is a disgusting blend of samples, guttural vocals, blasts, and catchy, heavy riffs all focused on sickness, gore, and sex. Putrid Pile is from Wisconsin, further suggesting that there’s clearly something in the mid-western water. Putrid Pile played the first ever MDF and will be making their second appearance.


To be clear, this is the Disgorge hailing from California, USA (rather than the Disgorge from Mexico, or Argentina, or Netherlands...). Although Disgorge has lacked a steady line up, save drummer Ricky Myers, they have never failed to produce quality, intense brutal death metal. Blast beats, slam riffs, and guttural vocals, Disgorge is everything you want from a brutal death metal band.  Catch their first MDF appearance!


Splatterhouse is a Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore band from Portland, Oregon.

Visceral Disgorge

Visceral Disgorge are from Baltimore, Maryland, making this a hometown show! The band formed in 2007, after vocalist Travis Warner and then-guitarist Eric Vieraitis decided to leave their previous band, Eaten Alive, in a heavier direction.  Visceral Disgorge are brutal death metal, featuring guttural vocals, downtuned guitars, gory, graphic lyrics and imagery, an onslaught of blast beats, and of course, slams. This is their second MDF performance.


Saprogenic is a brutal death metal band from Detriot Michigan.  Formed in 2001, the band is finally getting around to releasing their highly anticipated fourth album in 2013 on Willowtip Records.  


Foetopsy is a brutal death metal/grindcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  


Copremesis is a brutal death metal band from New York, New York.  The group formed in 2001, but has been on indefinite hiatus since 2010, though they are rumored to be working on new material as of 2012.  Their music is a form of squealing vocals, crushing guitars and blasting drums to comic lyrics about cartoons, anime movies and other fun loving topics.


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