Black Metal

Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene wave the flag of Finnish nationalism. The name came to founding member Mika Luttinen when he read a pamphlet imagining Jesus as a vampire. Formed in 1990 Imp Naz has evolved from straight black metal to incorporate more thrash and punk elements. Luttinen cites Motorhead, Kreator, and Sodom as influencers. Their demo Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz earned them a spot on Finnish music charts, and their long-buried dislike of Norwegian black metal bands gave Impaled Nazarene notoriety early on.


Castevet is a  band from New York, NY.  Formed in 2006, the group features members of other New York acts such as Biolich, Krallice, and Copremesis.  To date they have three releases, one EP and two full length albums, including their most recent October 2013 release titled "Obsian".  Castevet will be making their second appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2014.

Infernal Stronghold

Infernal Stronghold are a black/thrash metal band from Philadelphia, PA.

Dragged into Sunlight

The mysterious Dragged into Sunlight join us from England. Shrouded figures (who are undisclosed) play a unique blend of extreme metal, combining elements from multiple genres. DIS are a complete and total mystery, playing in hoods, with low light and lots of fog. It’s certainly atmospheric, unsettling, and worth seeing their second MDF appearance.

Mortuary Drape

Mortuary Drape is an Italian Black Metal band founded in 1986 in Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy.


Setherial is a Swedish black metal band founded in 1993.  They play a faster style of black metal similar to Dark Funeral and Marduk.


Bethlehem is a German metal band from Grevenbroich, formed in 1991 by Jürgen Bartsch and Kläus Matton. Bethlehem are widely credited for inventing a whole new sub-genre of metal, called Dark metal, named after their first full length album. Many of their lyrics revolve around sickness, morbidity, suicide, death and madness, and may to some extent be personal to the band.


Horna (formerly known as Shadowed) is a Finnish black metal band that formed in 1993 and released their first recording in 1995.  The name "Horna" is Finnish for "abyss" or "hell".


Sargeist is a Finnish black metal band formed in 1999. Both musically and lyrically, Sargeist stays close to the roots of Scandinavian "old school" black metal. Lyrical subjects thus often deal with Satanism and anti-Christian blasphemy, as well as darkness, depression, misanthropy and hate. The band's name combines the two German words, "sarg" (coffin) and "geist" (spirit, ghost), and derives from the song "The Old Coffin Spirit" by the black metal band Rotting Christ.

Black Witchery

Black Witchery is an American Black Metal band created in 1999. They were called Irreverent from 1991 to 1996 then Witchery from 1996 to 1999.


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