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Tulus is a Norwegian black metal band, and a pre-cursor to fellow MDF performers Khold. Tulus is currently comprised of Sarke, Crowbel, and Blodstrup, although they have had other members. As in Khold, Blodstrop’s wife, Hildr, writes the band’s lyrics and is considered a fourth member. With the exception of their second album Biography Obscene, which is in English, Tulus writes lyrics in Norwegian. Tulus emerged in 1993, breaking up in 2000 as members went to form Khold. When Khold went on hiatus, Tulus resurrected in 2000. Tulu


This Icelandic quartet formed in 2002. Although their name means “black death,” a reference to the plague, there is no mistaking this band for anything but massive-sounding, terrifying black metal. Svartidauði’s tunes are akin to being crushed by a giant wave, or being buried alive- completely overwhelming. Back in Reykjavik, Svartidauði is known for their “chaotic and violent” live shows- anyone who catches their first ever Maryland Deathfest set is surely in for a treat.

Nocturnal Graves

Flying all the way from Australia, Nocturnal Graves bring their own fiery style of blackened thrash. The band shares members with countrymen Denouncement Pyre. This Hell’s Headbangers band encapsulates the fury and speed of thrash with the violence of black metal. This is their first MDF appearance. 


Named after a painting by famed Norwegian artist August Cappelen, Svarttjern captures the darkness in their namesake painting.  Svarttjern delivers no-frills, straight-to-the-point black metal, similar to Ragnarok or Tsjuder, right down to the corpse paint and spikes. Founded by brothers HaaN and HansFryste in 2003, the duo recruited three more musicians to round out the band, making it fit for live shows.

This is their first time playing MDF.


Samael will performing their celebrated third album, ‘Ceremony of Opposites’ in its entirety. This album, which blends black metal with industrial influences including keyboards and samples, signified a change of direction for Samael. With ‘Ceremony,’ Samael departed from the primitive black metal (a la Swiss brethren Hellhammer) sound of their previous recordings and embraced a sound akin to contemporaries such as Celtic Frost, Emperor and even early Dimmu Borgir.


Khold formed in Oslo at the hands of drummer Sarke and vocalist/guitarist Gard after the break-up of Tulus in 2000. (Tulus has since reunited and will also appear at MDF 2016.) Khold blend traditional Norwegian black metal aesthetics and sound with rock-n-roll groove, resulting in evil sounding black-n-roll. (Think black metal + Motorhead.) The lyrics, written by Gard’s wife Hildr, address topics like death, mental instability, and Norwegian lore. They’re entirely in Norwegian, which Sarke claims inspires him to write “cold, dark music.”  This is their first MDF appearance.

Prosanctus Inferi

Prosanctus Inferi is a two-piece death/black metal band from Columbus, Ohio.


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