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WORTHLESS (FI) - Sardonic Macabre Death Metal

 WORTHLESS - devoted death metal for the fans of Triptykon, Celtic Frost and HellhammerSardonic macabre Death Metal trio, since 2009 - the descendant of the Celtic Frost / Hellhammer-tribute band Nordic Frost - was brought into existence in 2009 to grow it's own snow-covered branch of finnish death metal.After releasing their s/t demo in 2012, the group began writing songs for their next release. While evolving and refining Worthless' sound and concept, it became clear that the next step would be to launch the production for their debut album.In August 2013 Worthless gathered their gear and headed to a secluded place near Tampere, Finland. It took five days to complete the recordings. The resulting entity was titled "Beaten By Life".