Willcall option?

Has there been any mention if there is going to be a  will call option for tickets tomorrow?
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Yes, will call will be available for the early-bird tickets as well as the general admission tickets that will go on sale in October.  After you purchase your ticket, please fill out the webform on the contact page and request that your ticket be placed on will call.  

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I just added an option in checkout to have tickets held at will call.  This will apply to the tickets in the entire order, so if you only want *some* tickets shipped, you should create a second order.  

I also added an "Order Comments" field, but we will not follow any exotic or extraneous instructions placed in this field (like "only deliver to my neighbor's sister").

I have placed my order with the "Will Call" option checked. However, I haven't found the address where to look for the physical tickets and what documents are required for that purpose.In my particular case, do I have to go to the Edison Lot venue directly and ask for my MDF 2014 tickets? (I will be going to MDF from Chile so I choose to look for my tickets in Baltimore though)Thank you for your assistanceBest regards.