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Who are you?

Alright, so lets here about you. Anything you would like to share. Where are you from? Favorite bands? The basics so we can get to know one another as this board grows! Thank you to the powers that be for creating it!

Hell-o mates... My name´s Fabio Brayner and I´m from Brazil... 2014 will be my first MDF and I´m really excited about it...I listen to metal since 1985 and I´m now 39 years old. The first metal band that I have ever heard was Iron Maiden and the amazing "the number of the beast" album. I was a member of the brazilian bands DECOMPOSED (1991-1994), SANCTIFIER/HELLSPAWN (1994-2004) and AS THE SHADOWS FALL (1996-2003) and editor of an old zine called THE CRYPT zine and other called LUX OCCULTA SUPREMA...    My favorite bands are: Immolation (supreme dm godz !), Sarcofago, Bolt Thrower, Convulse, Asphyx, Dark Angel, Horrified, Blasphemy, Sabbat, etc...   Well, that´s it... We can share some beers in Baltimore next year... cheers and metal prevails !Fabio Brayner (Brazil)I

Cheers Fabio. From Montreal.

Hello. I am Justina or Tina. I am 25. 2010 was my first MDF. I went to the Saturday show. 2011, Saturday show and same for 2012. This past year I went Saturday and Sunday. And I am looking forward to 2014. I am from Pennsylvania, been into metal since I was 15. Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne solo band were my introductions to metal, and I am a huge fan of their/and his music still. I am in school to become a Veterinary Technician. I love animals, art, history, drawing, video games, horror movies and conventions, going to concerts when I can, and spending time with my family. When it comes to metal, I am mostly into Black Metal (Finnish, Bestial (bands like Archgoat, Black Witchery etc. dsbm), Death Metal (Old school swedish, newer old school death, Death/doom), and Heavy Metal and NWOBHM. Also like some thrash (picky), power (pickky), Doom, grindcore (YES!), Goregrind (YES!), Crust punk (YES!), Hardcore punk, dbeat, powerviolence. Sometimes I can dig industrial, ebm, aggrotech/dark electro, some 90's pop (guilty pleasure, was my stuff when I was a kid), classical and jazz. My top bands are : Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio, Celtic Frost, Triptykon, HellHammer, 1349, Napalm Death, Carcass, Behexen, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Dark Funeral, Horna, TSjuder, Mutiilation, Xasthur, Impiety, Bahimiron, Calvarium, Pest (Sweden & Finland), Craft, Marduk, Entrails, Repugnant, Carnage, Unleashed, WinterWolf, Super Fun Happy Slide, Rompeprop, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Crude SS, Driller Killer, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Ghost(Sweden and Poland), Venom, Kommandant, Warloghe,Judas Priest. Well that is about it really. Cheers :)

I am 26 years old from New York. 2009 was my first MDF and I've been going ever since. I tend to do the 3 day pass, but this year I most certainly will have a 4 day pass. I'm happy for the most part the direction this fest has taken. I'm met pretty amazing people throughout the years. As far as music-viking metal is usually my favorite. I do listen to just about every other sub genre of metal. Impaled Nazarene has been my favorite live performance. Carcass, Anaal Nathrakh, Impaled, ATG, Ihsahn, Agalloch, Moonsorrow, Turisas, Tyr, SAMAEL, Wintersun, Sentenced, Marduk, Tsjuder, Ghoul, Ensiferum, Kataklysm, Daath, Asphyx, Darkane, Darkthrone, Scar Symmetry, SYL, Therion, Municipal Waste, Morbid Angel, Threat Signal, Runes of The Evening, and Arsis to name a few of my favorites.

My name is Rick, I've been going to MDF since 2007.  I'm originally from New Jersey but right now I live in New York (specifically East Meadow, on Long Island)  I like hardcore, death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, goregrind, punk and a little black metal and doom metal.  No stoner shit though.Some of my favorite bands are Autopsy, Haemorrhage, Mortal Decay, Dehumanized, Malignant Tumour, Scattered Remnants, Dissection, Carcass, Macabre, (Early) Deeds of Flesh, Cock and Ball Torture, Hemdale, At the Gates, Tragedy, Ulver, My Dying Bride, Devourment, Disgorge (Cali and Mex are both awesome), Last Days of Humanity and..hundreds more.

I'm in East Meadow too! that's cool to see there are others around that we pass by day in and out and never know they have similar tastes. \m/

Hello losers, my name is Mark and my name was Smammered on the old Smn boards. I am a 30 year old and I lay my head down in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I work in a behavioral health program with a bunch of misunderstood kids and it makes me drink heavily after the day is over. I have attended the fest since 2011 and have not missed one since then! I am pretty eclectic in my music taste really and don't consider myself a pure metalhead. I like metal, punk, classic rock, underground hip hop, blues, etc. The bands I dig are: Kiss, Slayer, Discharge, Jedi Mind Tricks, Muddy Waters, Dropdead, Hank Williams, Suffocation, Rorschach, Electric Wizard, Hawkwind, Immortal Technique, Atomic Rooster, Noothgrush, Spazz, Morbid Saint, Killing Joke, 7 Seconds, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Johnny Cash, Disrupt, Cryptic Slaughter, Exciter, Siege, Urban Waste, YDI, Skinless, Alabama Thunderpussy, Reagan Youth, Neurosis, Assuck, Goblin, Cream, Merciless Death, Haemorrhage, Pisschrist, etc. I am also an avid old school gamer. I own Atari, NES, SNES, and Genesis. I need to find the rest of the older systems. I am big on horror films from.the 1930s classics to gore films. I dig craft beers and whiskey as well. Well that is about it, but hope to meet some of you in Baltimore!

I'm  Rob.  2014 will mark my 9th MDF.  Ever since it moved to what was the Sonar.  I remember no re-entry, being able to smoke inside, 1 stage...  all that good stuff.    Anyway, I'm from MN.  and have no intentions of ending my yearly weekened in Baltimore for MDF.  Looking forward to all the bands and seeing all my friends out  there.

Really glad actually they do not allow smoking inside anymore. I miss the stage though.

My name is Luke, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and I've been going to MDF since 2009. MDF holds probably the best times I've ever had in my life. I play bass in a death/thrash band Limbsplitter and have my own solo project Zeta Reticuli. Some of my favorite bands are Decapitated, Immolation, Dead Congregation, Arghoslent, Suffocation, Sacramentum, Dissection, Burzum, Crytopsy, Morbid Angel, Summoning, Slayer, Old Metallica, Sepultura.......way to many to list. Very excited to see what else they're going to announce next year.

Hey, my name is Glenn.  I currently reside in York County, Pennsylvania.  I have lived in eastern Baltimore/Baltimore County (Canton, Highlandtown, Essex) for over 30 years.  Around 80% of the bands in my CD collection is on the wishlist.  I range from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Venom, and Bathory to Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Immortal, Emperor, Inquisition.  I listen to all types of music, but metal is my first music choice. I can't really get into grindcore too much, a few bands here and there.  I also like industrial/aggrotech bands like Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes, STG(Screaming to God), and Mortiis.  I have been to the first Maryland Deathfest when it was at the Thunderdome.  I only missed 3 years of the fest (2004?-2007?).  The main band that is on the list that I want to see so far next year is Taake.

Have you heard the new P9? It's probably the best work they have put out yet. I just saw them in NYC a few months back.

 The new Psyclon Nine is stellar.  They seem like they are gradually changing their style, but not by much.  I could have seen them in Allentown, Pennsylvania, but that was 2 hours too far of a drive.

Hey...I'm Jay...I enjoy hiking and long walks on the beach. Oh wait...wrong site, but seriously folks 2014 will mark my 5th MDF in 6 yrs. I first attended in 09 and missed out in 2012. I've also been to Roadburn in Holland (2011) and a shit ton of shows/venues up and down the east coast. I am 40 years old and currently residing in York, PA which is only an hour from Baltimore. When it comes to music I am pretty open minded but I prefer it heavy. I don't adhere to any one particular genre and that is exactly what I love about MDF...the variety. Highlights for me over the years have been Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Mayhem, Obituary, Venomous Concept, EyeHateGod, DRI and SLEEP...just to name a few. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Triptykon, Crowbar, Necros Christos, Final Conflict, Noothgrush, Bolzer, Soilent Green and Bongripper in 2014 and also drinking some beers and celebrating good music with good people. Please don't be afraid to say, "Hi!" I'm usually shirtless, bald and bleeding. Cheers!

Hello all,My name is James. 40 years old. Alexandria, VA. I tend to gravitate toward music that is technical in one way or another. Death, Grindcore, Black metal, and Thrash are my favorite styles. I'm new to the area, so I've never been to MDF before. I have a four day pass this year. VERY excited, especially for At The Gates, Taake and Bongripper. Favorite concerts that I've attended are: SLAYER!, Despised Icon, Necrophagist, Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Mastodon, Dark Funeral and most recently, (the) Melvins. My favorite current band that I have not seen in concert is probably Skeletonwitch. Those guys are fucking awesome. The worst concert I've been to recently is the set by Five Finger Death Punch (or Five Finger Donkey Punch) at the Mayhem festival. What a load of shit. Anyway, that's about it.Stay metal, my friends.

You will not be disappointed! Last year was my first MDF. So I treated myself to a 4-day pass. You saw Necrophagist live?! Damn, I'm jealous...

From New Hampshire. Been going every year since 2010 for every day after i missed out on 08 and 09 due to lack of rides. Music i literally listen to all kinds, but yeah heavily into Metal and Punk and related subgenres. So far i'm not disappointed with any announced bands, and am starting to hope that MDF will book bands i don't care about soon so i'll have an excuse to take breaks each day. 2012 and 2013 were both tough to find some time to do shopping and get food haha!Outside of metal i guess travel, and writing are passions. Watching films pretty frequently these days. Collecting records (but realy, this is common in the metal scene these days) and being a couple years behind relevant pop culture.

I just moved to New Hampshire on the seacost. I will be driving down.

My name is Sean.  I have been going to Maryland Deathfest since it's 2nd year in 2004.  I have only missed it a few times.  I live in Arizona. I grew up in Michigan, spent 3 years in Germany during my army years, went to school in central Ohio, and then moved out to Arizona. I also run the MDF and OEF supporters group on facebook.

Im Brandon. Im 33 and  from Indiana. This will be my first MDF.  With At The Gates, My Dying Bride, Candlemass and Tankard on the lineup I am doing my best to be able to get there. 

I am David - like the novel but not the guy in the novel. ;) I am 29 years old and come from Galway, Ireland. I like video games, football (the kind you call soccer), films (the kind you call movies), sick jokes, reading, writing, eating, complaining and, of course, heavy metaaaaaaaaaaaal! I like all types in the genre - favourite bands are Judas Priest, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rush, Opeth, ELP, ELO, Kreator, Slayer, Death, Deicide, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Dismember, Emperor, Immortal, Burzum, Windir, 1349, Kroda, Blind Guardian, Helloween, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Sanctuary, Watchtower, Zero Hour amongst many, many others. I've been going to gigs and festivals since 2002 which have taken me all across Europe and Scandinavia. My favourites would be Sweden Rock, Wacken, Inferno and (what was) Hole In The Sky. I paid my first ever visit to your great American nation (and it is great - take away the stupid politics and stupider gun laws and you guys are quite the peeps!) only recently in 2012: amongst doing the obligatory visit to New York City and a few other places, it was a festival that drew me across the Atlantic Ocean and that was none other than 70000 Tons Of Metal. It was an amazing experience and I met many excellent peeps onbroad (not a typo - don't ask why, just go with it) and one I hope to revisit SOON!!! But it shant be before another first: Maryland Deathfest 2014! I look forward to banging heads with friends new and old from the US and across the globe. My flag and I shall see you next May! Stay Hungry, mofos! \m/

What's up guys. My name is Joel, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Austin, TX. I'm a kitchen manager in the hellish bowels of the hipster and frat boy plagued 6th street bar district. It is truly horrific, grueling work but leaves me at the desposal of pleanty of venues to see good music. I'm really into rad shit like my bad ass lady, explosions, funny shit, drugs, tits and kitties. This will be my second year going to the fest. Last year was my first and I had a fucking blast. First got into metal when I was a young little shit (12 or so). Started with stuff like Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Venom, etc. Ya know, the staples. It wasn't until a few years later that a buddy of mine in high school (who was a mormon!) got me into heavier, more extreme metal. But you'll find me listening from just about anything from Wu Tang and DJ Screw to Willie Nelson and Waylin Jennings. Do try to stay away from soulless commercial garbage of any genre though. If it sounds good to my ear I'll listen to it 'cause I ain't no fuckin poser :-p! Rather than list off every sub and sub sub and sub sub sub genre I'll give you a list of a few of my favorite metal (or whatever) bands: Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Nun Slaughter, Dystopia, Rigor Mortis, S.O.B, Darkthrone, Impaled, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Eyehategod, Carcass, Agathocles, Sarcofago, Gut, Repulsion, Absu, Driller Killer, Sabbat, Ghoul, Bathory, Insect Warfare, Entombed, Corrupted, Blasphemy, Sacrilege, Kreator, Suffocation, Terrorizer, Impiety, Saxon, Midnight, Haemorrhage, Abigail, Amebix, Brujeria, Gism, Engorged, Inepsy, Razor... yeah, yeah, you get it. Well with all that "Fuck yeah I got my all access MDF tickets" excitement vented, I think I'm done. Time to start counting down to next May. \m/

Hey Guys My name is Aaron im 19 years old and live in melbourne Australia, next year i will be making the treck over to baltimore for my first ever trip to america and also my first ever Maryland deathfest i have been svaing for this for quiete sometime so its something im really looking forward to. im really excited to see what your country has to offer and to meet new friends and really get to learn what the american scene is about.Im also really excited to see my Favourtie Australian band Internal Rot play the festival, i have seen these guys many many times and cant wait to see them on the big baltimore soundstage.

Wow all the way from Australia.  What bands are you looking forward to seeing?

My name is Scott and I am from Seattle.  Been to MDF 2009 to current.  Went to 3 Milwaukee Metalfests, March Metal Meltdown 2000 and November to Dismember 2000.  I also went to Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland in 1997, 98 and 99.  Wacken Open Air 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007.  Party San Open Air 2003 and 2004.  Inferno Metal Festival Norway 2002 and 2004.   Hole in the Sky festival Bergen- 2009 and 2010.     I also went to No Mercy's festival in Holland in 2002.   I am a veteran metalhead.  Was born May 26 1962.  My birthday has been during MDF the past 4 years.  My sister who is 16 years older than me gave me Black Sabbath- Paranoid when I was 9 years  old because she said it "Scared her".   And I was hooked on the heavy shit.  I was 19 when Venom released "Welcome to Helll" and 22 when Bathory released their self-titled debut. Heard Hellhammer/Celtic Frost when I was 21 in 1983-84.  I live , breath and will DIE with a beer in my hand and metal blasting.

My friend... you are going straight to hell!That's a lot of metal through the years. Cheers!

Hey everyone, I'm Amanda. I have the same exact screen name on the smn forums. I figured I'd keep it simple and wouldn't have to remember another name. I've been to 6 MDFs so far and hoping to make 2014 my 7th. I've been going since 2008. It's pretty cool to see how much this fest has grown over the years (although the ticket prices have grown as well ;) ) I like pretty much most metal, death, grind, old school shit, thrash, folk but never really could get into that stoner shit. Some of it is okay I guess. Over the past few years my tastes in music has grown. I think that's because I moved to a different state and met folks who were completely different than what I was used to but we got along great! I used to be extremely close minded (especially back in high was either black, death or thrash or gtfo) but now, I can listen to whatever but I still predominantly listen to metal. My friends here think I'm nuts (but in a good way!) Earlier tonight one of my buddies burped and then said it was his death metal voice...that cracked me up!To those who are coming from overseas: that is fucking awesome! I met one of my best friends at MDF 2008 because we both had bunks in the hostel that year. Since then she has come back a few times and we're actually meeting up in Japan next month to see another friend. I see other folks from all over at MDF year after year and I think it's really cool. I hope to make it to a festival overseas one day. This fest is pretty awesome and you'll have a great time and hopefully meet some cool motherfuckers along the way!

Hi my name is  Raul  I'm from Monterrey Mexico, this will be my first MDF, I do not want to miss the chance to see all these great live bands, see you in May..Cheers!!!  

De Irapuato, nos vemos por allá Raúl.

hey i'm doormat dave. short chicks are welcome to stand on me so they can see the bands :D

Christ there is always a fucking carpet boy.

Hi, I'm Simon. Looking to potentially have this to be my first year going to MDF. Lots of great bands, just have to figure it out as I've never gone. Hoping to find some others from Chicago. 

My name is Frank Lato, this will be my 3rd year in a row attending MDF. I am from Chicago IL, and I am in the band Polyptych, also based out of Chicago. Currently, we are trying to fund the recording of our next album and we are looking for some help. If anybody in the MDF would like to donate a few bucks, that would be awesome. If not, please share it with friends and fellow metal heads that might want to support this fundraiser. We really believe we have strong new material, and we are trying hard to make an impact in the world of metal. We just need some help getting started. We are also lucky enough to have V. Santura on board to master the album once its finished, which is really cool to us since Triptykon/Celtic Frost is a huge infliuence on our music. Here is our link to the campaign for the new album: if you guys want to check out our first album, you can do that here:, our facebook page is Thanks guys, and can't wait for MDF 2014!!Cheers, Frank Lato

Hi, my name is Per Arne. I´m from Flensburg, Germany. It´s my second MDF after 2013. Last year was a blast, hope this year will be even better. So if anyone is in for gettin drunk as hell and doing lots of other stuff, i´m your man. With me there will be 2 other guys from germany, so get in touch if you like. We´re staying at Holiday Inn near Habour from the 21st til the 26th. Favourite bands? Infest, 324, Anal Cunt, Flächenbrand, actually everything that´s short, fast and loud! CHEERZ!!!!!!!!!!! P.S: We´re attending Rams Head on Thursday, Edison on Saturday and Soundstage all 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, what's up y'all? I'm Zach. Twenty-two years old and hailing from the infernal depths of... Mississippi. This will be my first time attending MDF and I'll be there the duration. I'm mainly looking forward to seeing Bölzer, Inquisition, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and Gorguts. There are a handful of others too but I feel like there is a lot of filler and most of the big names are washed up. That aside, I'm amped! Bölzer is the freshest thing to emerge from the death metal scene in years, Inquisition are carrying the torch for black metal, Uncle Acid is one of the few acts able to pull off the retro thing with conviction, and Gorguts... well they're just Gorguts, amirite? Their last effort wasn't my favorite but they are still more than competent songwriters. Oh, and go ahead and throw Immolation in the mix too. Caught 'em live a few months ago and they slayed. My only gripe was the set list but for an event like this, surely they will stick to their older material. Anyways, catch ya at the show!  

I'm Glenn jr, so's as not to confuse me with Ravens Glenn, Tennesee squire, Sinatraphile, atheist, Nader voter, toolmaker by trade, happily married to my awesome wife with one stepson. I will be traveling alone to see Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats. I hate almost all new music... really,  when did mediocrity become the new what's great in music? Hipster douche crap? Vampire Weekend?!!? What the mother fuck?! Anyway, thanks to Jim Florentine and Sirius I'm on my way to my first MDF! I have seen a shit-ton of shows in my 40 years, Supersuckers alone I've seen 20 times, and I wouldn't miss this for a barrel of #7! The whole Uncle Acid/Rise Above thing going on reminds me of Nirvana/Sub-Pop from years back. I was fortunate enough to own Sub-Pop records almost 2 years before it all blew up and this kind of reminds me of that. I think UA might be the band that destroys what's happening now. It's great to see all of you people enjoying something just below the radar of mainstream hell and having this festival for so many years, looking forward to the show... Hail! Hail! I will be listening to Exile On Main Street the whole way down, I forgot to mention in my narcissistic rants that I've had a 20 year obsession with that record.

Hey everyone.... My name is Brandon. I hail from Upstate NY, This is only my second time coming to Baltimore for MDF. Had a blast last yr, and this is a pretty solid lineup again this yr. I'm going Thursday through Monday. I hope to drink alot of beer with you all, should be a fucking awesome weekend!!! Looking forward to seeing Inquisition, Triptykon, Graves at Sea, Gorguts..... Fuck it, all the bands... See you there

Hi i'm a very familiar stranger.

Hi all. my name is Travis. i ll be traveling from Sarnia,Ontario, Canada. i might fly or i might drive. i only have tix to the Edison lot for the three days, wish i had more cash on card for rams head. bummer i ll be missing a few great bands. cant wait to see candlemass gorguts dark angel and a bunch other. this will be my first time to maryland deathfest, but i was also over in france a few years ago to catch FURYFEST in le mans. great time except sleeping outside in an old broken ticket booth.. no tent for camping and miles from hotels, so i had to rough it..anyways since the gigs are done at 11. i was hoping someone on here would be able to guide me to where the bars that everyone would be going too??? many metal bars around??  well thats bout it. cant wait to meet some new friends and see some great METAL!!!!!CHEERS FUCKERS!!!!!

Howdy! Jason here! This is my 4th year in a row going to MDF and I'm chuffed. 2011 was my first time and that was when my band (Gravehill) played. Looking forward to seeing how this new venue setup works out and watching some killer bands that I've loved forever. By the way, still looking for Ram's Head Saturday tix! Hahaha Figured I'd throw that out there as well. :p Cheers everyone! \m/

Gravehill, you guys rock I saw you guys at Central Illinois Metal Fest 2011 and you guys killed. I forgot what you guys sounded like so I put you guys on during my work out.

Cheers, James! We had a great time playing CIM 2011!! 

Hope to see ya at the fest !

I am James Reitz and I am from Redneckville Indiana aka southern Indiana. This is my 2nd year in a year for this fest. I will be at The Edison Stages and The Rams Head and the bands I am the most excited for
are the following: My Dying Bride, Hooded Menace, Gorguts, Asyphyx, Candlemass, Cancer, Dark Angel etc., Incantation for the 4th time etc. I ready to drink beer, rock out and fart !

Hi I'm Kevin from Rochester, NY.  This will be my 1st time going to MDF-  My favorite band is My Dying Bride... can't wait to see them.  Anyone else from the Rochester NY area going?

Hi I'm Kevin from Rochester, NY.  This will be my 1st time going to MDF-  My favorite band is My Dying Bride... can't wait to see them.  Anyone else from the Rochester NY area going?

Hi Kevin, I am pat... Live in Rochester NY as well... this will be my 3rd MDF!   

What's up everybody?I can't believe the fucking clock is ticking down and it's almost time to rage!I'm Michelle from Northern Calif. This will be my first year at MDF & well just like everybody else I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!I'm mostly looking forward to Candlemass, Diocleation, Taake, Goat Torment, MGLA, Trypticon, Immolation and the almighty Inquisition! It will be pretty cool to see Tankard too, but overall I'm pumped about the whole thing!I'm into to a lot of Black/War Metal, but also love a lot of original stuff; Iron Maiden, Fate ect and a lot of Prog; Pagan's Mind, Enchant, Planet X..I like gaming, ren faires and all kinds of other geeky shit that I reckon noone gives a damn about LOLAnyways, just saying Hi, hopefully I'll run into some of you there, and hopefully this will be the first of many visits to MDF to come! :)Cheers! 

If You like Prog you should come to Prog/power USA, we are family.

Hey James!Sorry for the late reply, yeah I would love to make it out to PP one year (or this year in particular, with such an insane line-up) maybe next year I'll make it.But, YES! it's most definately on the list of must attend festivals!

From Ontario. This will be my first MDF. Really looking forward to it! Great line up this year and I've missed out on some good ones in the past. If anyone knows of a good place to go after the shows let me know. First time to Maryland as well!  

I'm Aidan, and this will be my second MDF after having a great time last year. This time around I'm most looking forward to Ulcerate, Asphyx, Dark Angel, Gorguts, and Pseodogod. I'm from Atlantic Canada, which is normally a wasteland for metal tours (and most other things) although we've had Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Anaal Nathrakh in the last couple years. As long as MDF exists, I'm going to be hoping for an Assuck reunion.

matt from berlin, germany - second time at mdf!

James from Kent, UK, my avatar is not me.

Maryland native, 4th MDF - this time coming from Seattle. Lots of good bands this year, just like every year. The guys do a great job setting this up.  Were at 43 days.Witchhunt 2.0!

i'll be at soundstage on sunday. cheers!

My name is Dave, coming in from San Francisco for my first time at MDF. Looking forward to Crowbar, At the Gates, Incantation, The Secret, Bolzer, Hooded Menace, Diocletian, War Master, Mitochondrion, Gorguts, Left for Dead, Noothgrush, Archagathus and Kill the Client. Love grindcore, powerviolence, thrash and I really wish Defeated Sanity were playing this year. Most of my friends bailed on going, so I'm heading over solo - if anyone wants to hang out, drink beers, eat pizza, etc. then let me know!

I'm Mike, this will be my third MDF.  Originally from Baltimore, now live in Virginia.I am an ancient 43 years old.  All time favorite bands would be Iron Maiden, Slayer, Electric Wizard, Butthold Surfers, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Immortal.Looking forward to seeing Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Immolation, Inquisition, My Dying Bride, Gorguts, and Ulcerate.I really don't like IPA's.

Hey guys my name is Sam and this will be my second MDF (last year being my first). I am 19 years old and from Long Island, NY. I play drums in two bands currently, Haagenti ( and Bone Circle ( I am especially looking forward to Taake, Bölzer, Ulcerate, Mitochondrion, Misery Index, Incantation, Mutilation Rites, Archagathus, Asphyx, At The Gates, Diocletian, War Master, Hooded Menace, Gorguts, truly not a bad band on the bill. I'm also still looking for a place to stay so if anyone needs a roomate and is staying somewhere cheap/free please let me know! Also I'm pretty much traveling here alone so if anyone wants to hang, drink, get high on pot, get in contact with and lets rawk d000ds.

I'm from BLT by way of VA,  11 years in. First Album, Schools Out by Alice Cooper. First concert, Alice Coopers' Billion Dollar Babies Tour(still got the tour booklet). First MDF,2005. Bands I want to see are Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Unleashed, Cancer, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, At  The Gates, Torche, Solstafir, Taake, Sarke, Entrails, Ruins of Beverast, MGLA and Sourvein. Bands I want to see again are Immolation, Gorguts, Triptykon, Inquisition, Asphyx, Incantation, Agalloch, Crowbar, Coffins, Soilent Green, Hooded Menace, Black Breath and more all the way around. This festival is the best thing that has ever happened to BLT since the Orioles moved into town a long time ago. Kudos to the organizers and all the good people who make this happen. Bang your head!

I'm Andres. I'm from Miami and I'm really cool but a real fucking asshole. Do not spill my beer or I will end you. Other than that, we can be friends. I've been to every single MDF. If you want the best of the best Miamian candy, hit me up. 

I am a meat popsicle.