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Who are "The Offering"?

Does anyone know who The Offering are? They are on the bill as playing Thursday night at Ram's Head. I like to buy some records from bands I haven't heard of before, and I haven't had trouble finding Bandcamp pages or Discog listings or what-have-you in the past, but I can't find so much as a reference to "The Offering" anywhere! Anyone have any idea who these cats are and where I can get their music?

I really don't know - I'm not familiar with the name. 
  • Their band logo appears at the bottom of the poster at:
  • The "Encyclopaedia Metallum" at Metal Archives lists a couple bands named "Offering":  including a split-up Death Metal band from Switzerland, and an active Doom band from Finland.
  • However, none of the band logos in the Encyclopaedia search results quite match the logo on the Deatfest poster.
  • The Finnish band "The Offering" seems to be still active and released a lone EP ("The Day I Die" on Armageddon Organ records) as recently as 2008, and might be the same band.
There is a grainy picture of the band here: along with some of the other shows they'll be playing; they have an upcoming show in Canada, but most of their other shows are in Maryland around Baltimore.  Perhaps they're a local band?Wish I had something more conclusive than that....     

I can't find the post, but a while ago the MDF page on facebook said it was a new local doom band from Baltimore. 

They are a new band from Baltimore, in fact MDF XIV is only their 2nd ever show (they recently opened a show in Baltimore for Tombs as their first show). They are on the bill, one would assume, because one of the members is married to MDF organizer Evan. You can find The Offering's FB page here: