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Website Feedback

Welcome to the new Maryland Deathfest website!  As you may have already noticed, we are still under construction.  However, we would love to hear feedback from fest fans and patrons.  Feel free to post here and let us know what you think about the new site.  What do you like?  What do you not like?  Are there any additional features that you would like to see?  Obviously, we won't be able to please everyone, but we are working hard to make sure this website will be a useful supplement to your MDF experience.  Your questions, comments, and opinions are valuable to us, and the site can only get better with your input!!

In the meantime, here are a few features we are currently working on that will be deployed in the near future:

  • an integrated fest schedule that can be uploaded into your phone or mobile device - no more paper schedules or wondering what band is playing when!
  • downloadable interactive area map for the fest grounds and the surrounding areas for easy access in your phone or mobile device.
  • local hotel and transportation information (when available)
  • venue information (when available)
  • detailed vendor information, including links to vendors websites (when available)
  • dedicated photo gallery page, where registered users to the website can upload photos or videos from the fest

To send us a private message, please head to our Contact page.

  • Design!  
    We know this site looks a little clunky, but we wanted to focus on function before form.  What good is a beautiful pile of crap?
  • Merch page
  • iCalander-compatible schedule
  • Maps to the venue and popular hotels
  • Hooks that shoot out at your face from the screen to rip your face off... if you're a spammer.  Go home spammer, no one likes you!
  • A faster site
  • More mobile-friendliness
  • ... stuff

ability to remain logged in?

Neo2126:  All logins should remain active.  Logins require the use of cookies and javascript, so those both need to be enabled.  If you clear your cookies for the site, it will log you out.

If you are still having problems staying logged in, please send me a private message.  Indicate what operating system, web browser version, and step-by-step how to reproduce the issue.

when the website changed hosts it logged everybody out, it should be working fine now how about when we reply to a thread the subject is the topic title instead of the first 5 words of our post (unless you fill in the subject field of course)

I'll address the subject issue if it's an easy fix at some point, but there are other priorities at the moment.  One option is to disable the subject for replies, if that makes sense...  

Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback  :)

The forum reply subjects are now adjusted to be more intuitive and meaningful.

and an edit button...

Done.  You should now be able to edit your own replies (you may need to log out and back in to see the change).

Thanks friend

I might have missed it, but its not clear how to change my email into a username. Is there a way to do this, or a way to change that?

Log in to your account--it should automatically direct you to your "profile" page (if it does not, click on the "My Account" link at the bottom of the page).  Near the top of that page you should see a tab that says "Edit", and from there, you should be able to change your username to whatever you like, add a photo, etc.

the only options it allows is the photo, password, and to change my email address.

Try again, I had to tweak the settings, so you should be able to change it now.

Hey guys, first post here, let it be a helpful one! Neurotica helped me out with this yesterday. In the settings, the first line that says username, "the one that has your email address in it", just change it there, and then click save on the bottom, and your done. Hope that helps!

if you want to make this website more effective, you must maintain good color combination so, it's good to the eyes. Your site color was nice just add more content or sidebar contents. But so far, so great! good idea!

Thanks for the input!  The design and color scheme will be changing over the next few weeks, and I'm going to make it as easy to read as possible.  As to sidebar content, we will be adding a few things (Facebook and Twitter feeds), but because this is a fully responsive website (ie, set up to be viewed on any size device), we need to keep sidebar content to a minimum, since those items tend to cause problems when being viewed on smaller devices like phones.  Expect to see some changes here in they very near future!

No paper schecdules! Who's stupid idea is that? Not everbody has a cellphone you know!

There will be printed schedules at the door just like the past few years, or if you want to print it yourself, feel free to print a copy of the schedule once it is finalized in April and posted on the website--the schedule that will appear on the site will be printable to those who choose to do so. We understand not everyone has a cell phone and you can be assured you will have access to a schedule.

Yeah, that's lame. I'll be printing my own for sure.

From what I know, some printed schedules will be available at the door, as has been the case for the past few years.  Once the schedule is released in April, you can either print it yourself at home, or download it into your calendar on your mobile device--which ever is easiest for you.  The downloadable version has its advantages, as you can set your calendar to remind you when certain bands are going on, but if you prefer paper, no one will stop you from printing your own and bringing it with you.