Warning to anyone buying/selling tickets on Eventbrite

Just got off the phone with EventBrite after trying to figure out transferring tickets to a friend.MDF have not set it so that tickets can be fully transferred from account to account on EventBrite.This means that if you purchase a ticket from someone else, even though you can edit it and put your name on it/they can put your name on it, they will still ultimately have control of the ticket until the fest.Meaning you could purchase a ticket from someone, and they could change the info/name on it to someone else's before the fest and you no longer have the ticket you paid for.This e-ticket thing is a nightmare, please be careful friends! 
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FIRST NOTE: Caveat emptor. Neither Eventbrite nor Maryland Deathfest are responsible for any third-party ticket sales, since neither party is the seller in such a case nor in control of such transactions.

The Eventbrite support representative you spoke to is not correct. The MDF folks responsible for the configuration of the EventBrite event page talked to the Eventbrite senior account manager about the configuration. There is absolutely nothing that can be changed by MDF staff to assist further in transfer of tickets between individuals. The Eventbrite support staff will be retrained in how they respond to these inquiries.

Please see Eventbrite's ticket transfer instructions for more information on how to transfer your ticket to another person. Only the owner of the original purchase from Eventbrite can edit the attendees on an order.

For problems with Eventbrite transactions, please contact Eventbrite support. In 99.9999% of situations, ticket or order issues are outside of the control of MDF staff.

Resold tickets should be discussed/handled between the buyer and seller given the above information.