WANTED - Saturday Ram's Head Tickets or Ram's Head 3-Day Pass

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I'm probably beating a dead horse here as I see multiple posts asking around for this specific ticket... BUT! I didn't want to hijack anyone's thread so here is my own. I'm looking for two tickets but will take one if it is offered as well. Either a single day ticket or a 3-day Ram's Head venue pass. I can give you face value plus postage. I could sweeten the deal by sending nude photos but that probably wouldn't be appropriate plus I'm hung like a woman. Contact me on here or send an email: [email protected]. I would usually insert a picture of Tom Selleck here but I keep getting errors.  
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Lol....no pictures needed...here's what I have:  Ramshead LIVE 3 day pass 60$ Edison Lot 160$   220$ total plus postage  Both are at face value...no price increase.   Please pay for postage ...will Mail usps signature guaranteed only. Accept paypal payment only.  Interested?   Aj    ps...I have an additional set to sell as well:)    
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Well, I wish I saw the first post. Wonder if it was legit? Anyway, BUMP! (I hope)