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try a hostel insted of a hotel

There r two hostel close to shows i believe. Hi-baltimore (where i am staying at) and rodeway inn. Try them out and save alot of $$$ Both are around a 15 walk to shows. at rodeway inn.. best to have your own bed and bathroom !!! For 5 nights, i think i need my quiet place and own bathroom.

I am going to stay in Rodeway Inn too.  I and some brazilian friends....  

I'm staying at the Hi Hostel on Mulberry. $40 a night is extremely affordable, and the location and accommodations are great. I also like the fact that there's a kick ass art museum a couple blocks away. Here's a link to those who are interested: PS. There's a capacity of 44 people, so act fast!

How far is it from the Venue and is it a safe area ?

im thinking its only about a 15 min walk to venues

Cool and I booked a room there and its like half of what I paid for my own room last year.

I like the HI Hostel. I'll be staying there for the third time.It's not fancy, and the rooms get hot, but the location is walkable and it's cheap & friendly.It's right across from the Cathedral and Library pretty much. A little up-hill from the hospital. Not a bad area.