tickets for sale : Edison Lot, Soundstage and Pre-Show. Paypal !

i RARELY play this card, but i'm a gulf-war vet, who unfortunately has had a family emergency arise so i am unable to attend.  i'm not looking to make a profit, but i'd rather lose my investment completely than sell to someone who is trying to profit off of my misery - which is not very metal.  i have one Edison Lot 3-day for 180.37; one Soundstage 3-day for 82.99; one Soundstage (thurs) for 26.62 and one Pre-Fest Party for 24.  purchase the two 3-day tix and i'll throw in the Thursday Soundstage for free.  purchase all 3 of the fest tix and i'll throw in the Pre-Fest for free.  just because i cannot attend doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to.  [email protected]