Tickets for sale, Edison Lot and others. Paypal!

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Hey!! I have some tickets for sale: Edison Lot - 3 Day $175 Rams Head - Thursday $37 Soundstage - Thursday $27 Rams Head - Sunday $28 Soundstage - Saturday $35 Payment method: Paypal. Price is negotiable just ask!!

Hey, I could take Rams Head Sunday and Soundstage Saturday off your hands for $60! Send a PM if you're down.
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I just Have Saturday ticket, sunday it's sold. $35 for Saturday Soundstage ticket bro! What do you say?

Is the saturday soundstage still available?

Still have the Thursday Rams Head ticket?  If so I'll take it.

If you havent sold thursday let me know
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Still Have these for sale: Edison Lot - 3 Day $175 (Now $150!!) Rams Head - Thursday $37.  Soundstage - Thursday $27 Rams Head. Thursday tickets maybe available by Monday, let me know If you're still interested so I can let you know payment method...