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The sound mixing of edison lot was horrendous!

There was serious sound problems at the lot, I noticed. I ended up leaving before suffocation, aura noir, and obituary, because all I could hear all afternoon was the bass drum, booming over all other frequencies. I couldn't hear the vocals, guitar, bass, all I could hear was that terrible sub woofer sound. I am terribly sad to have missed such fantastic bands, but I was shocked by just how bad the mixing of this concert was.

I thought soundstage was bad too. Just horrendous.

Really?  I am just mad that the Yuengling trucks are gone to be replaced by $8 Stellas.  Not that I don't like Stella but the beer thing this year is a step down if you ask me. 

the sound was shit at edison and soundstage. ND sounded like mush.

the sound went out during lock up for a substantial period. Cronos getting turned down early at mdf and Slayer jokes ensued from the stage to kill time...yeah your artist is clowning you on stage, not a good look...anyway. as always a piss poor job from mdf.

When's Eddie fest? I'd like to critique everything there.

Sorry to hear that some folks had problems with the sound!  I can only speak for Edison Lot, but -Friday, I missed some of the earlier bands, but I thought Master's, Aura Noir's and Obituary's sets sounded good enough.  I recorded Obituary's set on a cheap digital sound recorder, and it came out much better than I expected - on tape, Obituary sounded exactly the way I would expect them to sound compared to their studio work, as filtered through a cheap recorder (i.e., a bit thin and tinny, and missing stereo, but quite recognizable and still enjoyable).  I've never heard anything from Aura Noir before, but to me they sounded like a close approximation to what I'd expect Motorhead to sound like live.  I wear earplugs to save what little is left of my hearing, so most of what I was hearing from Master, Obituary and Aura Noir sounded a little bass-heavy, but not horribly bad.  Suffocation generally sounded like a chaotic bass rumble with a croaking noise and occasional squeaks over it, but that's the way I remembered Suffocation's studio albums sounding, too, so I guess that's fair enough. On Saturday, I forgot to put earplugs in for Vulcano, and I thought Vulcano sounded great; my recording sounds fair as well.  I browsed the vendors' tents during the next couple bands until Triptykon came on, and Triptykon's set was VERY loud and very dark and bassy... the recording came out very bass-heavy as well, but distinct enough that I have no complaints... it's pretty much in line with what I'd expect after hearing Triptykon's studio work and live recordings from other Triptykon concerts.  I ate lunch during Solstice's set and so I'm afraid I didn't pay it much attention, but I thought Arcturus sounded fantastic - predictably muffled and rumbly with earplugs in, but beautiful as a digital recording, with lots of detail to the keyboards and violin that I didn't hear so clearly in person (probably due to the earplugs).  Did I mention that Triptykon were loud?  They seemed noticeably louder than any of the other bands I saw, and my ears were ringing even with earplugs! In any case, so far I've had no big complaints about the mixing - maybe a little bit bass-heavy, though that could just as easily be due to my wearing earplugs, and the one band I forgot to put earplugs in for sounded great; the recordings I made of a couple of the bands sounded good enough that I have no complaints about those, either.  Certainly, I didn't hear anything bad enough to chase me out of the lot (though the prices on the bottles of water could have come close!) Maybe they cleared up the sound problems by the time I got there? 

The sound was bad at both Edison and even worse at Soundstage.MDF needs to get a professional sound engineer with big festival experience -especially outdoor fests. There's bound people associatedwith the larger Euro fests that could consult and oversee the procurement/rental of sound systems and set-up. Not to mention evaluatingsoundmen to take care of the sound at each stage, hire only qualified people.Soundstage was terrible unless a band brought their own soundman but even then the quality wasn't anywhere near to what the bands sound like.Sure -most of the bands are using borrowed/rented equipment and you can't expect them to sound exactly like their recordings but the core ofthe band's sound should come across.This is down to poor mixing -all bass boom, little clarity, drums not mic-ed or at a proper level [where's the snare drum?].As to the PA system configuration and operating state, I'd say Soundstage was equipped for bass heavy music that's pre-mixed and pre-recorded,not live metal.For MDF to be a world class festival, the sound needs vast improvement.

Hey buddy,


Here's a fun fact for you. Most bands bring their OWN sound guy. So, we aren't going to tell them how to mix their bands. Thanks for the advice, though.

Death metal always sounds badly bass heavy live, at any venue or event; that's just a given.  I didnt think it the sound was extraordinarily bad for any of the bands I saw.   I was surprised riding my bike down Fallsway toward the Edison lot, from about half a mile away, the first thing I could hear was the vocals; no bass or percussion.  I know that's no indicator of what it sounded like right in front of the stage, but it was an interesting observation.  At Edison, some bands that I recall sounding particularly well-mixed and clear (for no particular reason, just from memory) were Skepticism, Anaal Nathrakh, and Goatsnake.  I thought Soundstage sounded great from where i was near the front most of the time.  I actually thought the worst sound was at Ram's Head, which is because of the venue.  It always sounds terrible there if you're standing anywhere under or behind the balcony.  If you're closer to the stage, out from under the balcony, or on the upper levels, it's better.