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Selling MDF 2019 4-day pass (All Venues)

Last minute thing came up.  Can't go.  200 OBO.  BTW, my accounet doen'st get private messages for some reason.  Please post here

Looking for a pass but I really cant afford more than $150. I can send it right away though. LMK

Okay.  Paypal only.  Can I just send you the ticket or do I have put it in your name on the ticket?  Never done this before.  What email should I use?

This is my paypal email.  It's weird and long.  I made it a long time ago to deter spamming and just kept it.  It's 48 lower case o's.

Do you have a facebook account we can do this through? I believe you just forward the ticket to me. You dont need to change the names.

Actually you do need to change the name on the ticket. Its in the instructions in the first thread on this messageboard. But lets do this over facebook.. Whats yr fb contact?

Sorry man.  I'm old school I don't do any social media.  Paypal's always the safest way to go.  You send me the money and your name and email account and I'll figure out how to change the name on the ticket and send it to you.

OK ill send it over in an hour or so

Its asking for your name/ country of residence

Its asking for your name/ country of residence

Scott Spray.  USA.

Hey scott, money has been sent. The name on the ticket is going to be Eric Beitler. Can you send the ticket name change confirmation to [email protected]?

Weird.  Not seeing in my paypal.  Maybe it takes a little while.

[email protected] right? It was sent by charles hendrick $150 I can send a photo confirmation to you if you want

It says "pending" do you see it yet?

[email protected]  - You put paypal instead of hotmail.  Maybe that's why.

Ok. Fixed

Did it go through for you?

Got it.  Let me work on the ticket.

I got it from some one on here and it's saying that I don't have the option to put it in your name because I wasn't the original purchaser but I can just send it do you.  That's how I'm reading it.  The edit option is not appearing for me.  I didn't think it was going to be this complicated.

Transferring tickets from person to person is an option set by event organizers. If enabled, you can transfer your event ticket/registration to someone else just by updating your order information with the new attendee's information.TIP: Not sure if you have an account with Eventbrite? Enter your email and we'll confirm by either surfacing a "Password" field to log in or providing a link to "Sign up for free".NOTE: If you purchased tickets from a third-party seller (not the event listing) or had tickets purchased on your behalf, you won't be able to log in and update the information on the original order. The original ticket buyer will have to perform the transfer in this case. Alternatively, contact the event organizer for assistance.

Send me the ticket with the barcode and if worse comes to worse ill pull this thread up and show it to the ticketing people for confirmation. [email protected]