Selling 4-Day Pass! $100 OBO!

So you're probably wondering what the catch is. Here it is: I 'sold' this ticket, but they 'buyer' asked me to email him the ticket first to prove that I had it (I was willing to because I was under the apparently mistaken impression that the name on the ticket had to be changed on EventBrite in order for the transfer to take place), and I have not heard from him since. I attempted to contact MDF about potentially cancelling and reissuing the ticket, but they have not responded to my emails (which I don't entirely blame them for). If you use this ticket before the original 'buyer' attempts to, it should work. So this would work well for someone who can get in line early on Thursday and has some sort of ticket already as a back-up plan. I would like to recoup some of my money, but if no one is willing to pay anything for the ticket, I will simply give it away to prevent the guy who ripped me off from being able to use it. 


I don't understand how this is "sketchy." If I wanted to scam someone, I would simply resell the ticket at it's face value without mentioning any of this and the buyer would be none-the-wiser. 
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lol gtfo

What was this guy's username?

I'll post his info after the fest. I don't want to tip him off that the ticket he stole might not work (which is the reason I made a new account to post this).