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Roadway Inn Mid Town Cheaper And As Close

I was looking at the newly added hotel list earlier and was realizing that they are a little on the expensive side ($150-$200+ a night). Last year my girl friend and I stayed out by the airport for about $80 a night which was fine, but we had to catch our last train by around midnight each night, or cough up $30 for a cab. With Rams Head going on this year this just wouldn't do so we looked up hotels closer to downtown. We found Roadway Inn advertised on for $74 a night and Google said it was .4 mile from the venue. We booked it before we even ordered our MDF tickets. Two things though, only 20 rooms and only 2 star rating. Most of the bad stuff I read review wise was about rude staff, shitty free breakfast and lack of thermostat in room. What I gathered it's not a bad/cheap option if your just looking for a place to shower, sleep and keep your stuff. We booked for Wednesday the 21 through Monday the 26 for about $370 (before tax). The address is: 723 Saint Paul St. Mount Vernon Baltimore, MD 21202 And lastly, if anyone HAS stayed here and has any input on the place, good or bad that would be helpful as well. If this place is just a complete shit hole I would love to know so I can find some where else :-)!

Yeah. i was thinking about that one too. then i tried to book through but said they were sold out for that weekend. maybe on their own website they will have rooms. But i went and booked with hi-baltimore hostel. worked out fine.