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Hello all.  I am having an issue with my ticket order and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.  I placed my order back in the middle of December.  I received the Rams Head tickets but not my Edison Lot tickets.  When I log in, my order is listed as "completed."  I have tried contacting MDF multiple times and have never recived a response.  Today, I attempted to email them again, through their contact us page, and found I was catagorized as spam!  Nothing in any of my emails was abusive or threatening.  I provided my order number and other relevant details.  No one has even attempted to contact me.  I've checked my spam filter. Another thing I noticed was that I received an email when they shipped my Rams Head tickets.  This was not the case for the Edison lot tickets.  So far, nothing, except that it is listed as completed.I am traveling from another state and I need to get this resolved.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I don't want to initiate a charge back or go through the hassle of a Paypal dispute, but so far, no one has contacted me.Does anyone know the phone number to talk to someone at MDF since now I have been labled as "spam?"  Has anyone else had this issue?I went last year and had no problems.  I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but so far, the lack of contact and being labled as "spam" isn't making that easy. Thanks in advance for your response.

i have the same problem although i receieved all my tickets but ONE and they have not gotten back to me at all

im having a simliar issue. The i ordered a rams head sunday and they accidently sent me a edison sunday and when i messaged them about it they never got back
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I got all my edisons, rams head saturday was shipped on the 18th and still have not recieved them. They are very unorganized and dont give two rats asses about us, they never contact us

Dear everyone,

Nobody is out to screw you over or make your life a living hell. We promise that you won't be the first person in MDF history to not receive what they paid for, no matter if you somehow received the wrong ticket, are missing a ticket, or are still waiting for tickets in the mail. Thousands of tickets have been sent, so obviously a few issues will arise. If you belong to the group of people with some kind of issue, it won't be ignored.

As far as e-mails being marked as spam, well, we don't really know how/why that happened, and we didn't do it intentionally.



Hi Ryan, So sorry to bother you about this. Purchased my all venues all days ticket on Nov 23rd. Received an email same day that my ticket had shipped. Never received the ticket. Gave it some time because of the holidays but still no ticket. Sent a contact email to ticket question on your site Dec 31 with no reply. Understand it's still the holidays for some, but freakin out a bit, the ticket I purchased is sold out and others are going fast. Would like to get this resolved in a timely manner.  Order placed: November 23, 2013        Order #: 5RMKLR69 Can you investigate yourself or delegate if you have to, please find out if the ticket was ever shipped? I will have to dispute the charges with my credit card company soon or I'm out the money. I will try to get multiple tickets now if in fact my ticket has been stolen or lost. Time is of the essence here and I would really appreciate help and a reply so I know what I need to do next. Kelly [email protected]  

Hey sorry to bother you as well but  when ever i send emails to this it doesnt even apear in my sent mail so i have no idea if you guys are even getting them. Instead of the Rams Head Sunday i ordered i got a Edison Sunday . Wanted to know if i could send that back and if you guys can send me the right one in return. Email. [email protected]
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Why would it take over a month after shipping to arrive in the mail? I order cds that get shipped to me the same week i order them
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wow that is really sad you still have not got them and they were shipped on the 23rd. seems like square was nothing but a gimmick, everyone who got tickets from there has not recieved them or having problems . including my moms own order for rams head saturday tickets

Kelly Hansen - Yes, that was sent. Why you didnt receive it, I don't know. E-mail me to confirm your address and a resend will be made on Monday.

Zen Master - Yes, you can send that back to our P.O. Box and the correct ticket will be sent.

Blackfrost - Nothing is a gimmick. Hate to say it, but you really need to chill out with the emails and facebook posts. I'm so confident that you will receive the last of the tickets you're waiting on by Wednesday, or I'll just refund your money.

Hey Ryan,This is Kelly Hansen.Just read that you had sent the ticket but I didn't get it, and that you would resend if I verified the address. I didn't want to leave you my address through the forum as everyone would see.I sent you my address through the MDF contact site so you should find it there.If you have any difficulty retrieving it please let me know.Also, please let me know when you resend the ticket so I can stake out my mailbox until it arrives. Appreciate your efforts about getting this resolved. Kelly [email protected] 

Hey just wondering has my correct ticket been sent yet? i sent out the mnistaken ticketabout a week ago and wondering if you sent me my rams head Sunday ticket yet as now there sold out?
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thanks ryan, i know they wont be here by wednesday, but ill post wednesday if they are or not. my mom did use her card for them. i think we have every right to freak out, considering the amount we pay for these tickets, and to find out they never come. i should have got them from this site and not square
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I assume there is no way I can get 6 other rams head saturday tickets. Today is monday and i still did not recieve them. Can you come up with a better answer on why i didnt recieve them yet as well as Ms. Hansen?


Bloody hell, you two are relentless. As I said in the the email I sent you, mysticfrost, we decided to pay for and OVERNIGHT your tickets before you even wrote your latest e-mail, so no need for any further ultimatums. Thanks.

Nice to see you kept your word. Got the replacements today! Thanks 

Ryan,I had bought my tickets (3 day Edison Lot) on 11/25. Order Number 1107. My order status says that the order was 'completed" on 12/28. I have not received my tickets as yet. I am worried that the tickets have been lost in transit or something. I would really appreciate your help in this matter. 

Hey Ryan,I've sen't you my address info.Has a ticket been shipped? Can you please give me an update?Thanks, Kelly Hansen

Replacement tickets? What is this nonsense? The fest is in May, it's January, lot of time for those tickets to show up. Looks to me like certain people are trying to complain as publicly as possible to extract more tickets for already sold out options. 


Hey Ryan,Received my ticket on Thursday Jan 23rd. Thanks for your efforts resolving this issue.I owe you a beer. See you in May.
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I am having the same problem, I have not received my ticket, I ordered it on November 16, status says "complete" , yet I have not received it. How can I get someone to respond? I tried contacting them 3 times. FAQ says nothing.

Plebe_Rube -

Few things:

We weren't even selling tickets on November 16th. Your order number says you ordered on December 4th. 

We've received one e-mail from you (last night), and that received a reply.

Your best bet is to email me directly to confirm your address. I  have not seen an e-mail from you until you wrote the ticket orders account last night.


Anyone else, if you have an issue, e-mail me directly, as I do not check this forum regularly.

Hey Ryanmdf  I ordered my tickets in lte november and they stiull haven't come.  I emailed you as you said to do but still haven't heard back.  I'm worried something happend to them.  I hope this can be sorted out.