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Party Brigade 2014

anyone possibly interested? was thinking it'd be fun for birdflesh, cripple bastards, and archagathus

By "Party Brigade" are you referring to the antics I saw last year for Ahumado Granujo? Ya know, costumes, beach balls, glow sticks, etc. I about lost my shit last year when I saw two dudes (one dressed as a bottle of ketchup, the other mustard) going opposite directions in the pit and doing running, jumping chest bumps every time they passed. It was a hilarious good time! I could get behind some shit like that, especially for Birdflesh.

yeah man! that was it haha. i think it would be a pretty good time again

I'm game! I don't know about flying a costume across the country with me but I got plenty of time to come up with some wacky shit between now and then! PARTY BRIGADE 2014!!!

It's a shame some of the original members of the Party Brigade either never transferred over from SMN or can't go to MDF anymore.   

Anyhow, the only day I might go to Soundstage would be Saturday for Birdflesh and Noothgrush.  Otherwise, I'll be at the Ram's Head and Edison Lot all four days.  For the Edison Lot (it'd probably be too late for any band at Ram's Head since most will be too tired to do this), here's what I was thinking.

Thursday: Coffins  

Friday: At the Gates  

Saturday: Nocturnus  

Sunday: Gorguts   


I've made an official facebook page for this, for whoever's interested and wants to help out, do anything, or just for the fun of it

Are Green morph suits metal enough?? Lol

Green is definitely metal!

Here's what the plan looks like- Thursday- Coffins 10:20-11:00Friday- Impaled 11:45-12:35Saturday- Tankard 5:50-6:40 (Outside)   Birdflesh 8:05-8:40      

anyone is welcome!!!